Intergrated graphics

  Insomnia 10:38 11 Oct 2005

If i were to buy a computer with intergrated graphics would it still be possible to upgrade it with a dedicated graphics card? I have heard this can be done through the PCI slot.

  DieSse 11:25 11 Oct 2005

On some, yes - on others, maybe not.

Some boards will also have an AGP slot, which can have a garphics card fitted. Some will have PCIe (PCI express) slots, which can have a PCIe graphics card fitted.

For those which only have PCI slots, it's often not worth upgrading to a seperate graphics card, as there is only a small selection, and with modern motherboards the integrated graphics are good enough not to warrant fitting one. In these cases, more RAM is often a better bet, to make up for that used by the integrated graphics.

So - maybe yes, depending on what the system you buy is.

  Totally-braindead 15:16 11 Oct 2005

Agree with DieSse. Make sure whatever you buy that it has at least an AGP port for further expansion. Onboard graphics are ok for most things such as internet and office work but useless when it comes to playing games. If you buy a PC without an AGP slot or a PCI Express slot with onboard graphics then you're stuck.

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