This is interesting stuff, consumers fight back!

  rickf 18:34 06 Jan 2004
  Forum Editor 19:20 06 Jan 2004

has spawned many a battle in the past, and it's no surprise to see it happening now.

"Consumers fight back!" indeed, and there's nothing wrong with that in the right circumstances, but what about "Manufacturers fight back!" - or is that not allowed? Let's remember who is the pirate here. The way to complain about the price of music (before anyone use that argment as a justification for piracy) is to vote with your wallet, and not to buy it.

You aren't entitled to steal groceries because you think the shop is charging too much.

  961 19:56 06 Jan 2004


Sorry, although I am against piracy I do feel that just on occasion you support the manufacturer a little too much

We have argued long and hard about Celine Dion's cd not playing on my computer and we are currently discussing Adobe Photoshop for next to nothing

In that thread I said that, as the legit buyer, I was unhappy about the price I was paying for my software when Microsoft and Adobe seemed to turn a blind eye to the same code being sold in the far east for pennies

I am all for the manufacturer getting a fair price for all his software and music. I am not in favour of paying through the nose because it is the easiest way for the manufacturer to make up for what he is losing through piracy

See thread currently complaining about uk download for £29.99 while same software download from US into UK costs $29.99

I'll pay my whack, but I'm not keen on being bled dry

  carver 21:21 06 Jan 2004

If I buy a CD or DVD I expect to be able to play it on any M/C I choose not on the M/C the manufacture chooses. Sony will sell me a CD player a Mini Disc player and a CD Writer, then they are trying to say that I can't actually use them for making back ups of any music I buy. I was always under the impression that if I buy a music CD then that CD is mine to do with as I want, not to make copy's for sale but to use it for my own entertainment in any M/C I have. Manufactures can't have it every way, one day sell you the means to make a back up then the next day bring out something else to stop you using it.

  Forum Editor 23:02 06 Jan 2004

You're entitled to your view of course, but surely you're not expecting me to support those people who take someone else's property without paying?

If you read my post carefully you'll see that I said there's nothing wrong with consumers fighting back. By the same token, surely there's nothing wrong with a manufacturer fighting to protect its property? In the UK (if not elsewhere) the companies act states that company directors have a duty to maximise the profit available for distribution to the shareholders. Can you see the shareholders in say, Sony sitting back happily while the directors of the business watch tens of thousands of people taking the company's products without paying for them? I think not - they're going to do exactly what I would do, and that's fight to prevent the thefts from taking place.

I'm not a fool, and I am on record as saying that I think the music companies have to come up with answers, and come up with them fast. If people realise there's a way to get free music and not be detected many of them will do it, but I believe the vast majority would rather not do anything illegal, and would readily pay a reduced amount to be able to download music tracks at will. New statistics show that in 2003 the keyword 'Kazaa' headed the list of all internet searches made, and there's no doubt that it's time the music industry seized the initiative. Today has brought news of the imminent launch of a new site that will offer people access to download music tracks for a regular monthly subscription, with part of the revenue going back to the record companies. Perhaps this is the way to go, perhaps it isn't, only time will tell.

In the meantime I'll support the consumer when he/she is right, and the manufacturers if I believe them to be right - it's called having a balanced view isn't it?

  Salinger 23:13 06 Jan 2004

and PCA could also do their bit in pulling threads like "hey guys order this - they're offering it for 50p and it should be £500, hee hee"

  spuds 23:24 06 Jan 2004

Regarding costs of producing, marketing of cd's. Today I visited a well known music cd,video outlet and purchased some cd's on special SALE promotion.Pre Christmas price £12.99 each,marked down to todays price £3.99 each.

  leo49 23:25 06 Jan 2004

Sure you don't need oxygen way up there on that horse?

You've said it once - pompous sanctimony gets tediously boring the third time over.

  Ranger 08:33 07 Jan 2004

Salinger, sometimes prices are correct at a very low price,I used to work in retailing and there were times where discontinued stock, special offers, bulk purchases, end of lines etc. were discounted up to 90%.

We have the recent thread with the Hercules speakers at £7.61, at the time it was posted the poster wasn't to know if it was/wasn't a error on Ebuyers part, and certainly PCAdvisor wouldn't know either, because it's getting sold somewhere else more expensive dosen't mean that the cheaper price is wrong, I saved nearly a thousand pounds on a large TV by buying from a different retailer rather than the original store I was going to buy it from,is there anything wrong with someone telling the rest of us about a bargain? I don't think so.

  tomleady 09:27 07 Jan 2004

i'm certainly not, and i am partial to the odd download, but what annoys me the most is that cd's on web, such as web, cdwow, are so much more cheaper than in shops.

i suppose, in fariness to shops, the prices do seem to be dropping.

good luck to this belgium outift though, i think they are going to need it!

  plankton 09:34 07 Jan 2004

"You're entitled to your view of course, but surely you're not expecting me to support those people who take someone else's property without paying? "

I dont think thats the point here. If you buy these CD's you cant play them on car stereos, therefore they dont do what you bought them for. There is no point taking it back and getting your money back, because you want it, AND YOU'VE PAID FOR IT, because you like it. It should play on ANY format player you've got. This aint about piracy and copying its about the use of the goods.

Piracy causes such a lot of hassle for the normal guy in the street, the individuals who look to make the profit should be targeted, not the 95% who just want music they can play where they want.

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