Interest Free Credit Laptops

  babybell 09:00 01 Jul 2010

Without warning my company has asked me to hand my laptop over to someone else in the company for them to use on site. The problem is me and my partner have been using this laptop at home for personal use so we are suddenly without any form of computer at home now and most of our bills are paid online so were desperate to get another one.

The problem is we do not have a lot of money, so I was wondering if anyone knew of laptops that we could buy on an interest free credit basis? I've checkd with Dell but they do not offer interest free.

Does anyone know of any others?

  jack 10:59 01 Jul 2010

Interest Free of course isn't FREE as such, its built into the price somehow, somewhere
So take a look here They are very reputable -been around a long time

click here

Look at John Lewis
Got a sale going on right now.

  Willya 12:50 01 Jul 2010

And you can get either 6, 9 or 12 month interest free. I think the minimum amount you have to spend is £195 to get the 6 months, dont know how much for 9/12 months.

And you can pay it off over that period or simply save up the money and then pay it off in one go at the end of the term.

  Kevscar1 12:51 01 Jul 2010

Nowhere to select monthly payments on your link.
What they are looking for is to spread it and not pay above the buying price.
Sorry never heard of that on computers.
The only way you can get one that I know of is to pay approx £20 above the normal monthly tarif on a mobile and get a so called free one with your phone. Guess what still turns out more expensive than paying cash.
Otherwise try PC World, haven't been to one for years but you might get lucky and they have a deal similar to what your looking for.

  jack 17:34 01 Jul 2010

Morgan sell stuff not finance it.
But external Finance[ Bank Loan or similar ] and pay 'cash' is the cheapest way.
If Covergirl wants to spread payments it will cost,
some one has to pay the finance - always the buyer - no matter how it is dressed up.

So get the dosh - then go looking

  wee eddie 17:39 01 Jul 2010

You should be worrying about a Third Party, potentially, having access to all your Accounts and Passwords.

HP on a wee NetBook, you should be able to pick up a basic one for £250.

  spuds 18:48 01 Jul 2010

As previously suggested, try for an Argos store card which will provide free interest rates. You could also try John Lewis for a Partnership card, which may give an interest free term on the first purchase.

Dell do a finance arrangement, but watch out for the extras like handling/administration charges. Can work out expensive.

Another point that you should consider, is the fact that your personal details will be on the hard drive of the laptop, unless you take the necessary steps to remove all the information.

Would your company consider an agreement to let you have the laptop, unless it is a leased model!.

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