tancomp 22:58 15 Dec 2005

I am interested in purchasing the Packard Bell 1408 with pentium 4 516 processor but have also been advised to look at the Compaq SR1619 with AMD Athlon 64 3200 processor. They are both around the same price so I am not sure what system to go for?

I would appreciate any advice as I am not very computer literate.


  DieSse 23:15 15 Dec 2005

Can you give a link to each so that we can examine the specification overall please.

  tancomp 23:29 15 Dec 2005

Sorry but I don't know how to do a link. Both of these systems are from pc world and they are on their website.

  tancomp 12:01 16 Dec 2005

I would really appreciate your views as I am hoping to purchase one or the other this weekend as its an xmas present for my partner.

  Smiler 12:10 16 Dec 2005

Sorry but I don't know how to do a link.
All you have to do for a link is copy the address from the top of the browser page by selecting the address and right clicking then copy.
Then just paste the address in your post by right clicking then paste""

  tancomp 13:56 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for that. Hope it works!
Link - click here

  tancomp 13:59 16 Dec 2005

Forgot to add the other one!
Link - click here

You can upgrade to a 19" Xorex monitor for an extra £40.

  keef66 15:44 16 Dec 2005

as far as I can tell from the specs on the pc world website you are correct; they are very similar.
The Compaq would appear to have slightly better graphics, 2 firewire sockets, one more USB socket and 5.1 integrated sound (the sound on the Packard Bell may be the same but it desn't say). The Compaq aslo mentions a 10/100 network connector. I'd assume the PB also has one, but again neglects to mention it.
For the same price the Packard Bell includes a 19" TFT monitor.
I'd personally prefer the Athlon processor, but they are both so fast you wouldn't notice the difference.
Either way you're getting a lot of technology for your money; they are both better pc's than the one I paid £1200 for 4 years ago!

  DieSse 16:56 16 Dec 2005

It's a bit of a toss up WRT the specification.

Having an Ethernet port is better (network port) - but they cost next to nothing to add-in.

One big recommendation - whatever you choose get the 19" monitor - far superior to a 17".

Don't worry about the processors - make your decision based on the other parts of the spec.

Don't get the Norton AV - you can do MUCH better. click here for instance.

  tancomp 21:28 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for your replies.
The only reason I was going to go for the Packard Bell in the first place was because it had the pentium 4 processor and it was a name that I always here about. The Compaq Athlon I hadn't heard much of but at the end of the day I just want the best all round system thats going to be reliable (well hopefully)!

  SG Atlantis® 21:38 16 Dec 2005

i have the compaq 1639, the next one up from the one in your link.

I can recommend it.

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