Intel 900

  Dub Dub 21:55 29 Dec 2005

I am just about to buy a new PC and have seen one that I quite like the look of. Just one thing confuses me; the description of the graphics card, Intel 900. I am used to 64,128,256mb, shared and intigrated, but I have no idea what Intel 900 is. Whats it likely to be like, is the performance good and what is it good for? Thanks in advance for any help.

  SG Atlantis® 22:42 29 Dec 2005

onboard graphics is always poor compared to a separate card. If you play games or do graphics work I'd look away from onboard graphics.

any chance of a link to the machine in question?

PS: I think you've got your numbers wrong, "64,128,256mb, shared"?

  Dub Dub 23:14 29 Dec 2005

Sorry I am no good at things like this. Here is the link to the machine;

click here

  SG Atlantis® 23:19 29 Dec 2005

emachines, look away. I have never heard a compliment about emachines.

  DieSse 01:35 30 Dec 2005

Intel 900 graphics click here

This will be a 910 or 915 integrated graphics chipset. You'll find most budget Intel based systems using this chipset nowadays.

It is not true that integrated graphics are always poor compared to a seperate card. The latest types (such as the 900 range, notably the 915) are quite decent compared with most budget graphics cards.

However the spec doesn't say which model processor (it should) or which model graphics chips (it should). Both of these are glaring omissions.

  DieSse 01:39 30 Dec 2005

click here shows equivalent Dell systems for comparison.

  Dub Dub 10:14 30 Dec 2005

The Processor is 519 and the graphics chip is the 915, I had to go on the E-machines site to get that info. Its only £498 with a 17" TFT thrown in as well, so it cant be too bad. It really must be better than the heap of a "Time Machine" that I am using (when it is not crashing) now!

  DieSse 10:56 30 Dec 2005

It looks a good spec for a budget system, and should do everything a non-hard-core-gamer should need. (It's more powerful than the system I use quite happily). I don't think you'll get more for your money.

I can't comment, however, on the *goodness of emachines in general, or Comet after sales service - sorry.

  SG Atlantis® 11:10 30 Dec 2005

i had two duff emachines in a row. Had to eventually get a refund. They roarred like mad and crashed like hell.

  Totally-braindead 12:27 30 Dec 2005

For the money it looks quite good, a friend of mine bought an emachine and his has been fine, only concern I have is does it have an AGP port for putting in a graphics card later, if it doesn't I wouldn't buy it as if you wish to play games later and it can't be upgraded you've had it.

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