Insure a country-specific IP address?

  tulip08 18:13 23 Sep 2008


Wondering if there's a service I can subscribe to that always makes my ip address appear as if I'm INSIDE the USA.

Reason is I had trouble with Paypal locking my account because they said I was accessing from a Southeast Asian country and they suspected something afoul.

I would like to buy an Oreilly Safari Bookshelf/Library subscription but am so paranoid about being "flagged" and locked out again.

I frequently travel and wish to avoid what I experienced with Paypal. Once bitten twice shy as they say.

Should I be looking at non-free proxy services? Which ones?

Is Tor something I could try? I know it's free, but is there a premium version?

Thanks in advance.

  interzone55 20:13 23 Sep 2008

Not possible I'm afraid.

The very nature of IP addresses is that they're not country specific, and as you move around from network to network your IP address will change.

Your best bet is to use a proxy, which may solve one problem, but cause another, as some websites are rightly suspicious about anonymous proxies...

  tulip08 11:48 24 Sep 2008

just wanted to say thanks

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