Installing a second Hard Drive

  The Black Rat 08:38 27 Feb 2005

I run a 3.07 Pentium 4 with a CD & DVD writer, a standard floppy and Zip Drive. OS is Windows XP. My current hard disc is only 60 Gb and I wish to install another 60 Gb hard disc.
What is the easiest way to do this and does the Zip Drive and / or one of the CD drives need to go?
I temporarily installed the hard drive in place of the Zip and it almost booted up but kept restarting so it's not quite 'Plug and Play'.
Any suggestions will be helpful and whilst I THINK my knowledge is 'intermediate' regarding computers, it very probably isn't..... so simple words please.

  961 10:06 27 Feb 2005

Your computer will normally take 4 drives. There will be two cables, each of which will take a "master" and a "slave" drive. On that basis if you remove the zip the new hard drive should work fine

Probably the best way for you to see detailed instruction is to type "add a second hard drive" into google, and you'll find many articles telling you how to configure the drives as master or slave and what you need to do to the BIOS

Any specific questions after that, please come back

  harps1h 10:30 27 Feb 2005

first of all make sure the second drive is set to slave. on the top of the hdd it will tell you which jumper pins to use.

second connect to the ribbon using the middle plug

third restart your computer

forth when you have booted to windows right click on "my computer" then manage then disk management. it will then recognise the unprepared drive and assign a letter to it. you then will be asked to create a partition on it although you don't have to put on an os if you are using it as storage.

hope this helps

  spuds 13:35 27 Feb 2005

A couple of sites with upgrading advice with pictures click here click here

  SEASHANTY 23:28 27 Feb 2005

I shouldn't think you will want to keep your internal Zip drive when you install another HDD but you could do this by using a PCI IDE card (assuming you have a spare PCI slot in your PC) Planet Micro have these in stock at around £16
click here

  Fellsider 15:00 28 Feb 2005

I'd be inclined to put something bigger than 60Gb in, perhaps 120 up to 180 considering the prices these days.

  Newuser1019 15:51 28 Feb 2005

Consider purchasing Paragon Hard Disk Manager it makes life easy, and go for a larger HDD say 120Gb+. Then copy your original drive over with Paragon making the larger drive the master.

  The Black Rat 13:55 05 Mar 2005

I want to thank everyone for their help and advice. I have had two attempts without luck and am wonderding if the drive is faulty.

I do however have loads of information to go through.

Again... Thanks

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