Installing new motherboard - Easy????

  snr malato 17:11 03 Dec 2006

Hello I have a P4P800 SE mother board whose USBs have disapeared I have been through every procedure to retrieve the USBs and have resigned myself to the fact a need a new mobo!!!(oh yeah I have P4 3.2ht CPU)

1. Is this board a good one and should I simply replace it? If not what do you reccomend?

2. Do I transfer my CPU to the mobo and is it easy?

3. Is it easy to install a new motherboard or should I have a technician do it?(I have installed GFX cards, soundcards, RAM, DVD drives, etc. before)

If anyone has done this themselves I'd be happy to hear what your experience was like. Thanks

  Kate B 17:51 03 Dec 2006

It's fiddly and two pairs of hands are better than one. I'd suggest going slowly, taking pictures of the way it is now and using those as reference points when it comes to putting all the wires back together, but it's not rocket science. Just fiddly and exacting.

  spuds 19:00 03 Dec 2006

You might find this useful

  spuds 19:03 03 Dec 2006

Whoops forgot the dot :O)
Try this click here

  Rayuk 19:12 03 Dec 2006

Maybe you dont need to replace motherboard
click here

  harps1h 20:10 03 Dec 2006

installing a new motherboard is an upgrade that requires patience. before you start to disamntle the computer, make sure a backup is made of any data you will want in the future, as well as putting any updated drivers onto the back up disk. you will need those later.

if you only intend to replace the motherboard, make sure that it 1/ supports your CPU and 2/ the ram you currently have will be ok. to check this go to click here. there will be a checker and put in your new mobo model and all the other info it requires.
when you want to go ahead make sure you have got rid of any static on you by wearing an anti static strap or touching the case.

read the manual thoroughly then read it again

once you are ready to start with the new one, have it sitting on the desk and place the cpu onto its seating, making sure it is clipped into place. before replacing the cpu fan, apply a new thin layer of thermal grease (this will help dissipate heat. then reseat the heatsink/fan.
before the mobo goes back into the case make sure there are enough metal risers to stop the mobo from touching the casing as this would cause a shortage. once the mobo is in replace the component parts as you have done before.

before resatarting the computer, make sure that everything is seated corectly and the power is attached to the peripherals, paying particular attention to the cpu fan.

once the computer is started you need to enter the bios to set the date etc. also change the boot sequence to boot from the hard drive first.

as this is a new mobo, it is generally recommended the hard drive is reformatted as the new and old mobo drivers may cause instability if on the new system together. once you have reinstalled windows you firstly need to install the new mobo drivers to make sure it is stanle, after that install the rest in whatever order you require, using the previously created backup.

  snr malato 22:09 03 Dec 2006

Rayuk, thanks I didn't think, and nobody told me this solution: a PCI USB card should solve my problem easily...I only really use one usb device at a time, the most important of which is self powered, so it's not like I need the 8 usb ports my current mobo (should!!!) support.

Thanks everyone else for the advice on installing a mobo (esp.harp1h very detailed and clear, thanks!) , I still may have to do this in the future....

great help, I am clicking resolved.

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