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  AndySD 14:18 25 Jun 2003

I recieved an emial with click here readnotify in the address. After checking their site....based in Australia I found out how much info it collects and sends back without giving me the option to stop it from doing so....

Full tracking history - with ReadNotify you can usually find out all this:-

Exactly when your email was opened

How long it was read for

Approximately where your reader is located (nearest town or city)

How many times your email was re-opened and re-read, as well as when and where etc.

What kind of email software your reader is using

What kind of computer and operating system your reader uses

What languages your reader can accept or understand

What kinds of email attachments your reader can view (eg: Microsoft documents, or Adobe files, etc)

Whether or not your email was forwarded to someone else

If it was forwarded, where is was forwarded to, sometimes including who subsequently reads it.

If your email gets published online, you can find this out too, as well as where (the URL) usually.

Surley this cant be legal and does anyone know how to block it sending this information out?

  -pops- 14:25 25 Jun 2003

Mailwasher picked up something with that in the address to me. I didn't know the sender and I wasn't interested in the thing they were trying to sell me (I never am). I got Mailwasher to send it back to them.


  Gaz 25 18:23 25 Jun 2003

I think it is a shady site.

It uses them e-mail bugs, this site probably uses it, it is as small as a dot and is ussually the same colour as the site. It loads as a small image but it tracks everything you do.

Simalar for e-mail bugs.


  Gaz 25 18:27 25 Jun 2003
  Gaz 25 18:28 25 Jun 2003

Make sure you add the = on the fist link at the end of meta

  AndySD 21:55 26 Jun 2003

I emailed them and they sent me a mail asking my email address ...its now bloked on their server.

  -pops- 07:04 27 Jun 2003

You believe them?

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