Innocent Until Proven Guilty

  oresome 14:10 03 Feb 2003

"To his surprise, a detective constable confessed that he had 'little to no computer knowledge' so the PCs were confiscated for examination elsewhere"
Whilst not denying the owner received shoddy treatment, its hardly surprising that the police involved didn't have a detailed knowledge of PCs. The PCs would have been taken away for proper forensic analysis by a specialist regardless of the knowledge of the attending officers.
It's the prominence given to the quote that annoys me, suggesting that had the detective the knowledge, removal of the PC's was unnecessary.

What do others think?

  spikeychris 14:49 03 Feb 2003

I agree..well sort of, 'little to no computer knowledge' and "detailed knowledge of PCs" are far apart from each other. I would expect someone who came banging at my door at 8 O'Clock in the morning to have knowledge of what they are looking for.


  spikeychris 14:53 03 Feb 2003

should demand the correct personnel, from the first knock on the door to the final examination of the drives and software...


  leo49 15:41 03 Feb 2003

1. What is this thread about?

2. Is this still Consumerwatch?

  grove34 16:02 03 Feb 2003

sounds like CRIMEWATCH

  spikeychris 16:08 03 Feb 2003

Page 81 of PCA...

  spikeychris 16:14 03 Feb 2003


  leo49 16:20 03 Feb 2003

I'm none the wiser,I'm afraid.Don't suppose I'm missing much.

  bremner 16:25 03 Feb 2003

Leo 49

In fact you are missing something that strikes a cord for all internet users, although it was first covered as a "Latest news" item on this forum a few weeks ago. It concerned a married man in Northern Ireland who was anonymously accused of downloading kiddie porn and the ordeal he suffered.

  spikeychris 17:00 03 Feb 2003
  leo49 17:05 03 Feb 2003

Ah - that very sad tale. Thank you.

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