ink - original or compatible?

  w.squirrel 00:25 16 Mar 2004

Hi. I have an epson photo 830u printer which is just about to run out of ink for the first time. I'm wondering whether to go for original or compatible cartridges. The compatibles are a heck of a lot cheaper, but could they end up being a false economy?

  georgemac 06:45 16 Mar 2004

buy compatibles from a company with a good repuatation and you should be OK.

Bear in mind during the warranty period that if the printer fails they may try and blame the compatible cartridges.

click here for a company with good reviews. A friend recently bought compatibles from here for an epson c44 and is happy with them. I will be buying my next batch of carts from there.

  Forum Editor 07:04 16 Mar 2004

Your warranty may be invalidated if you use compatible cartridges - Epson will know you've used them if the machine goes for repair.

Otherwise I've heard mixed tales about these cartridges, and although I know that many people use them successfully I would only ever use the manufacturers' inks myself.

  brittas 07:34 16 Mar 2004

some epsons will not work with compatibles - with the price of printers, it is cheaper to go out and buy a new one instead of two epson ink cartridges !!!

  sp21 08:26 16 Mar 2004

Have you tried Inksaver software? I used it on my HP 670C and it worked OK. I have had problems with the compatible cartridges I bought so now I stick to the manufacurers ones.

  fsbb 08:27 16 Mar 2004

I have used who supply brand new compatable (not re cycled) cartridges branded ImJet a Euro manufacturer I believe. The cartridges, I now have an Epsom C84, are chipped and come with 12 month guarantee. The ink is pigmented like Epsom Durabrite and of great quality (last loger than Epsoms). Next day delivery. The company is family run and been trading for some years.

  byfordr 08:53 16 Mar 2004

These guys are the cheapest I found for Canon originals, may be good for Epson?

click here


  961 09:03 16 Mar 2004

If you are after the very highest quality for photo prints then use originals

If you are after good day to day photo and everyday printing then try original colour cartridge with compatible black

If you are wanting economic and reasonable everyday use then compatibles are well worth a try and many of the companies above give good quality

Another option which I use now that printers are so cheap is to have two. One photo Epson for top quality photo prints in which I use original cartridges, and one HP for everything else in which I use re-manufactured cartridges. This system gives me the best of both worlds

  IMBUDA 10:12 16 Mar 2004

Any one tried refill kits?

  Aspman 10:42 16 Mar 2004

In general I would agree with 961. If you need top quality results stick with originals but for everyday use you can use compatables.

I've had mixed results with compatables over the years with various makes.

I had an epson inkjet that gummed up and dies after using a compatable.
I got compatables for my HP 640C the first leaked all over the inside of the printer the replacement was cracked but actually worked fine.

I've tried a refill kit but ended up with black fingers a dyed sink, an upset girlfriend and an empty ink cart. Personally I won't be refilling again.

I now use compatables for my Canon MP360 and they are very cheap and I have notice no real drop in quality (I haven't printed any photos with the compatables yet) and I have had no problems with the carts. This is possibly because the Canon carts are just ink tanks really and the print heads are seperate so they are most likely easier to remanufacture than HP or Epson carts.

  Belatucadrus 11:27 16 Mar 2004

At my previous employers we ran a large trial to see how well recycled cartridge compared, the trials were on lasers and general use inkjets. Trial products came from Greenman, afic & Supplies team. All passed and the company switched from OEM to recycled saving thousands in the process. We did check the terms of the warranty carefully to ensure that in the off chance of printhead damage we were covered. We also made sure that the laser cartridges were remanufactured with new drums and not just refills. There are good recyclers out there, but there are also less scrupulous operations who are into drill and fill. The moral is check out the small print and save money, but don't assume all recycled cartridges are equal.

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