ink for epsom 830

  welchy 23:03 12 Feb 2003

does any one know of a cheap internet place to buy ink for epsom 830 ie 5colour plus black please

  shifty 08:10 13 Feb 2003

try click here . They have both original and compatible cartridges at reasonable prices and they only charge 95 pence postage.

  Andsome 08:40 13 Feb 2003

I couldn't agree more. 7day shop are an excellent company, and quite honestly, my own personal opinion is that with their prices for originals, it is just not worth the risk of using compatibles. I know that compatibles have their fans, but there have been an awful lot of postings from time to time with problems caused by their usage. Stand by now for a blasting from the compatibles fans, but they will never convince me.

  Monoux 09:51 13 Feb 2003

Try Choice Stationary supplies. I've been using them for some time now with no problems at all

There is no deleivery fee and their prices are the best I've seen

You can visit website at click here or freephone 0800 093 3454

Good luck

  Coaster3 10:28 13 Feb 2003

I agree. I don't look anywhere else now. Incidentally, they are now selling DVDs.

7 Day Shop are selling original colour cartridges at a few pence more than Choice Stationary supplies are selling compatibles.

  Andsome 10:57 13 Feb 2003

The above link that you gave do not seem to offer ORIGINAL cartridges

  Andsome 11:17 13 Feb 2003

I have now received an answer to an e-mail that I sent to the company on your link. They confirmed that they DO NOT sell original cartridges, only compatibles. They reffered me to an associate company. I have checked their prices for originals, and all that I can say is STICK WITH 7DAY SHOP.

  davidg_richmond 13:40 13 Feb 2003

did an analysis of loads of sites a few weeks ago looking for my cartridges and missed that site somehow, all i can say is theyre well cheaper than any of the ones i found by a good few quid. well done shifty!

  pj123 12:25 14 Feb 2003

The Epson 380 takes the same cartridges as my 895.
i always use Choice Stationery. go to click here they are compatibles but I have never had any problem with them. buy the double quad pack 4 black and 4 colour for £38.99 = 4.97 each.

  Dekay 01:20 15 Feb 2003
  lovelylel 14:28 15 Feb 2003

I've also bought compatible cartridges from Choice. Their delivery is quick and reliable, the one occasion delivery did not arrive it took 1 email and it was with me next morning. However, am now a little concerned about using compatibles as the ink status monitor does not appear to work with compatibles, it is blanked out. Not a major problem perhaps but it does mean I have no idea when the cartridge is about to fail. Next time I will give 7 day shop a try as they have been recommended on this site a lot, and see if buying original makes a difference. The 830 is a great printer for my home use and although a bit slow to warm up - it chunders away for quite a while - it's worth the wait!


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