Ink cartridge prices ???

  Tim1964 23:54 01 Apr 2007

In these eco-aware times it semms crazy that it's cheaper to buy a new printer when the ink runs out !

For e.g. I have a Lexmark Z645 which is about a month old. It cost £25 and came with a colour cartidge and a BW cartidge.

I have just bought a replacement BW cartridge for £17.99 (I could probably paid less but work's paying for it).

Therefore I could have bought the printer again and have a new colour AND a new BW and keep the printer as a 'spare' for only £7 more.

Crazy !?!?!!

  Giant68 02:31 02 Apr 2007

Lexmarks have always been a bit pricey on cartridges, even compatibles. I have had a couple of Epsons and now have a Brother all in one. Both makes have cheap compatibles on the market from places such as click here. The Brother is the cheapest I have had with a full set of 4 cartrigdes for £5.99 from Tonezone.


  Belatucadrus 11:32 02 Apr 2007

Partly true, but there is one other factor to consider, many printer manufacturers send out their new printers with what they rather euphemistically refer to as a "Light user cartridge" or to be blunt, half empty. So a new cartridge will in all probability last a lot longer.

  Tim1964 18:11 02 Apr 2007

I remember one of the PC mags doing a feature on the cost and amount of ink in the carts.

I'm sure they contacted someone like HP or Epsom who that it would cost too much to produce different carts. for new and those included with the printer.

Saying that my new cart. is showing as half full (or half empty) even though it's installed as a new one ???

  grumpygramp 18:29 03 Apr 2007

A Set of six Cartridges for my Epson.£40+
compatables from £11.99 post free
never had any problems with the Cartridges

  Totally-braindead 18:36 03 Apr 2007

A friend of mine bought a cheap Apollo printer about 3 years ago, they were on special at about £15 or £20. When the carts were emptied he discovered a new set of refills would cost him more than £40 so he bought another printer, and another and another etc.
He ended up with 8 I think of these printers.
He had never mentioned this to me and if he had I would have told him after the first printer used its cartridges to buy another make which you could get compatibles for at a reasonable price instead of all the money he has wasted, but I never knew about this and he never asked.
I often wonder if he just binned the printers.

  LABMAN 13:06 07 Apr 2007


I know the printer you refer to as I purhased one from "toys r us" and it came with a full size black and colour cartridge and the USB cable for I think at the time £20 and that was less than the price of either cartridge.

I was tempted to go down the same road as your friend when the cartridges ran out but I could get the cartridges from the work and the printer eventually was replaced when it died an unknown death about 18 months after purchase.

  MegsL: 12:51 09 Apr 2007

I understood that a year or two back Epson was being sued by the European court for precisely this reason, i.e that all the binned (though working) discarded cheap printers were piling up in landfills and violating recycling rules?
I never heard what happened about that. Did anybody else? - Meg

  ann_concita 10:58 03 May 2007

Hey guys,

I know what you mean about expensive cartridges! I work for a company called Concita Ltd which has a smaller online company called

We are due to update the site shortly adding more printers and reducing prices but you can grab yourselves some real good bargains on there! especially with the compatibles!

My advise to anyone buying a printer is to buy Epson or Canon. Brother can be quite cheap too. Epson originals are priced through the roof but the compatibles are pocket money! on click here you can buy around 6/10 epson compats for less than £10 inc VAT!

Canon compats are priced around the same as epson but the originals are a quite cheap also.

Email me at [email protected] if you'd like prices or have any questions with regards to ink or toner...or other office supplies! I'd be more than happy to help you.


  martd77 11:32 03 May 2007

Thanks ann ill look at your site im after some hp 56\57 compatibles

  donki 15:37 03 May 2007

Ohhhhh me thinks FE wont like the free advert :P lol

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