Ink Cartridge: New Or Refill?

  SteevScotland 16:17 17 Feb 2003

As far is I Can tell there are 3 options when your printer runs out of ink.

Buy a new and expensive cartridge from the same manufacturer as the printer.

Buy a slightly cheaper third party cartridge.

Or buy one of the many avaliable refill kits.

At the moment Im thinking of going with the third option. Just wanted to find out what peoples experiences are.

Also can anyone recomend some good vendors?

Cheers S

  Diemmess 16:26 17 Feb 2003

You didn't mention the compromise of searching for the best deal of genuine cartridges.

I'm only talking of Epson but there's no need to buy at their silly prices, try- [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  Diemmess 16:29 17 Feb 2003

Don' know why the address should have printed like that! .....Keeping it simple. ......I wanted to say try ONE of those blue coloured things!

  shifty 16:48 17 Feb 2003

Have tried compatibles on an Epson C70 with out much success which I have put down to them being chipped, but I used compatibles on my previous 760 stylus with superb print results everytime.
The cartridges were supplied by click here . On the re-fill side, my dad has been re-filling his Epson C60 since new with JR inkjet refills which have been regularly buy one get one free at Morrissons. He purchased the tool to reset the cartridge chip direct from JR inkjet and has had no problems and gets superb colour re-production all the time.

  armand 18:50 17 Feb 2003

I would strongly recommend compatible (non branded) cartridges. I have an Epson Stylus810 which has a chipped cartridge and can't be refilled (at present). However I have found the compatibles to be identical to the original. At a cost of about £6 for a colour cartridge it seems like great value.

  tigger2406 19:27 17 Feb 2003

I've just bought replacement cartridges (black and colour) for my Deskjet 845c from these people click here. They collect old original branded cartridges and refill them to save you the mess and hassle.

Quick delivery, and both for about the same price as one new HP cartridge. Haven't put the colour one in yet but the black one is working perfectly.

  spuds 19:58 17 Feb 2003

I have used all three methods.Refills can be a little messy if you do not take care,always put plenty of paper down on your work area, and if possible wear surgical type gloves.I find that the InkTec refill kits from Choice Stationary are one of the better buys, because they come complete including a breather device. InkTec also have a website, which as an instructional refill video to watch,[do not believe the clinically clean area and hands] this makes life a little easier.Choice also sell JR refill kits as do many other outlets, should you wish to consider these.The third method is the compatibles.Easy to change, can be cheap depending on supplier.Most if not all have a good guarantee with them.I use Choice or Cartridge Club for most of my compatibles.

So my review-- Originals expensive--Compatibles easy to install, cheap and usually reliable, many good suppliers-- Refills very cheap, can be messy and have a leak problem.

  misery 20:07 17 Feb 2003

woth tigger. Less expensive, reliable and quick.

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