eyeson2009 20:20 23 May 2009

I have someone working at the Repair Centre for HP. They repair all in warranty repairs for the UK and Ireland as well as an out of warranty repair centre. I have just been advised that all mother boards are re-conditioned and not new parts. They may well be using other none new parts.

This may well be the reason some customers are having to pay for OOW faults that arec not there, like spillage damage. Being told that your computer has had something spilt on it, possibly because of the 2nd had parts you are being charged for. Be aware that if you pay the out of warranty cost of £268.99 you only get one month cover on the parts...........the things i am being told is out of this world.

  eyeson2009 20:23 23 May 2009

more to follow........check many repairs does the repair centre lose??

  curofone 23:01 23 May 2009

are you being serious? you actually thought when you sent a machine away that it always gets repaired with brand new parts? I hate to break the news to you but all manufactures and store repair centres (ie techguys) repair centre use none new parts and only replace old for new when they have to?

let say a customer sends their machine away for a broken screen, repair centre does not have one in stock and orders one but they do not get the part with in the time stated that the repair must be carried out in that customer gets a new machine and repair centre have a machine that is in good working order apart from the screen, therefore service centre will get all of the good parts out of the machine, ie HDD, Mobo, RAM etc and use them on another customers machine it just make sense.

and as for 1 month warrenty, again hate to break the news to you but this is the norm

  Forum Editor 00:28 24 May 2009

that you must not post details of stories you've been told. You have no way of verifying the truth of such tales, and we're not going to take the risk of an action for defamation.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:42 24 May 2009

This is nothing new and common practice throughout any industry. 'the things i am being told is out of this world'...I suggest you return to Planet Earth at some time and see what happens in real life. Can your 'friend' walk upright without dragging his knuckles on the floor?


  jack 08:38 25 May 2009

The allegation the parts are 'reconditioned'
Yes I can appreciate a 'swapped' machine will be a'Christmas Tree for good parts- but reconditioning- that is to my mind soldering iron stuff - on an idem such as a mother board - is a no no.
This stuff is made with no human intervention surely.

  interzone55 13:12 25 May 2009

It's entirely possible that a motherboard can be repaired. We used to do it a lot. If capacitors popped it's a simple matter to replace them using a steady hand and a fine soldering iron.

Some repair centres even replace the control boards on hard drives.

If you want to know what you can do when you set your mind to it ask anyone who's chipped an X-Box...

  jack 19:59 25 May 2009

I appreciate you commernt about repairability of boards-
As one who messed with soldering 20 years ag- before the event of mass market PC's
'Upping' Atari St's mostly - unslodering CPU- soldering place layers of DIL's to 'Fly' a daughter board- etc.,

What has to be considered is the labour cost when a MoBo trade price can be less than the workshop hour rate.

  interzone55 20:19 25 May 2009

"What has to be considered is the labour cost when a MoBo trade price can be less than the workshop hour rate."

That is very true, but when the OS licence is tied to a particular make & model of motherboard, replacing a popped capacitor or two can be much easier than a full reinstall of the OS.

There are ways round this by hacking the ID string on the motherboard so the OS still thinks it's attached to the old MOBO, but then you will need to install a whole load of new drivers for the chipsets etc...

  Proclaimer 21:25 26 May 2009

it states new or reconditioned parts will be used. Has done for as long as I worked with HP.

  eyeson2009 10:04 28 May 2009

If your computer was sent in for a repair fault in ref to the hard drive, if you wanted the old one back you would have to pay for it. Your data on it doesn't matter if you want it, pay for it.

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