Incompetance of Best Buy

  michaelw 15:08 23 Dec 2010

This has got to be the most incompetent internet company I have ever come across. In all the years of buying from the internet never, ever have I come across sheer stupidity as this company.

I have never used them before so did a few checks first. Then I ordered an Ipod nano 16gb on Dec 3rd. I received a confirmation email to say delivery would be a week later on Fri Dec 10th.

On the 10th no sign so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and left it until Mon 13th and rang them. They said due to weather conditions the courier company were working 5 days behind. Still nothing had happened so I emailed on the Fri 17th to say if I hadn't heard anything by Mon 20th I wanted to cancel.

Nothing happened on Monday so I rang again on Tues the 21st. (Bearing in mind it's about a twenty minute plus wait just to speak to someone.)

He told me he'd look into it and would ring me back. He got onto the warehouse and when he rang back he told me someone (a complete idiot) had put the Ipods on the wrong shelf and mine would be shipped out that evening.

Yesterday the 22nd I received a reply to my email of the 17th (bearing in mind they're supposed to reply within 1 day) to say they understood I wanted to cancel.

So I rang today to be told the wrong shelf Ipods were 8gb and they had no record of my conversation on the 21st and I wouldn't be getting the Ipod before Xmas.

  birdface 21:40 23 Dec 2010

Just new over here by the looks of it.
A US company and did not open until the 4th of November this year.
So not a very good start for them.

  spuds 11:41 24 Dec 2010

They seem to be spending quite a bit on advertising, and perhaps even have five or six retail outlets around the country.

Think that I will stick with my regular suppliers for the time being.

  chub_tor 13:47 24 Dec 2010

We don't have a Best Buy anywhere near where we live in the UK, but on our many annual visits to the USA we use them extensively. They are by far the most knowledgeable high street electronics retailer over there with well trained staff. Saying that however they have little competition as both CompUSA and Circuit City are now internet only.

On the plus side Best Buy UK did at least call you back even if you did not get the answer you wanted, my experience of PC World is that they would never do that.

  Jameslayer 13:49 24 Dec 2010

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "click here" on this server.

Reference #18.1675f8d5.1293198527.946cc34

I cant even access their site. Presuming its the correct sight.

  So Afraid 14:50 24 Dec 2010

This is the one

click here

  chub_tor 14:51 24 Dec 2010

Strange, all I did was put click here into the address bar and up she popped. But you are correct, if you use the .com address you get the access denied message.

  Jameslayer 18:14 24 Dec 2010

as I thought I have one just over half a mile away. When I was having my haircut. The hairdresser was talking about one of his customers had bought a TV for each of his children 3 of them in-store. And they have failed to deliver. And basically said we sent them so its not our problem. Its the delivery companys fault.

  michaelw 08:55 11 Jan 2011

Would you believe it? Yesterday Best Buy sent me the Ipod after I cancelled due to it not arriving before Xmas and charged my card. That's nearly 5 weeks after the original delivery date given.

Now I don't trust their team on the phone so I wrote to them recored delivery:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to my letter to you dated 23rd December 2010, and your subsequent reply, I have to confirm to you your administration is utterly useless.

Your company has sent me my original order and charged my debit card for it even after I confirmed in an email and verbally on the phone that if I didn’t receive the Ipod before Xmas I wanted to cancel.

I have enclosed a copy of my original letter which outlines the incompetent saga relating to your handling of my order.

I have written to you for two reasons. The first is I do not trust anything will be properly sorted out on the phone by your customer service team. Secondly, if I have to take you to court it is best to have everything in writing.

So, I have to inform you that I do not want the Ipod as it has not only been delivered after Xmas (the original delivery date was Dec 10th) but it is nearly five weeks late. And I have bought another one before Xmas anyway.

I require you to pick up this unwanted Ipod (I didn’t sign for it, a junior member of the family did unaware of what it was) and for you to credit my account with the amount taken.

I will allow you two weeks from the date of this letter to finalise this matter otherwise I will take you to the small claims court and if found guilty your company will have a CCJ posted against it.


So I'll keep you posted as to the result.

  spuds 13:44 11 Jan 2011

I don't know why it is, but I have noticed on previous occasions when a 'respected' foreign company tries to set-up a new business here in the UK, things seem to go very wrong at the beginning.

Is this because they select the wrong management, or is it because they do not understand the UK way and consumer laws. It always seems to be a learning curve for them?.

Toys 'R' Us still baffles me :O)

  Terry Brown 14:31 11 Jan 2011

I have a local BEST BUY (about 10 mile away), and it is a very impressive store, however the staff (at least the ones I spoke to) did not seem to know anything about the products they was selling or were bothered about a sale or not.

I bought at Maplin eventually.

Result : Customer Lost.


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