Improved rechargeable NiMh batteries

  anchor 13:35 02 May 2007

Have a read about them here:

click here

  keef66 14:08 02 May 2007

spooky; I'd just been researching these after a colleague told me about them. Sound ideal for the camera since the batteries are invariably flat every time I need to use it. Even worse if it's my wife wanting to take pics; I get the blame, and it's futile trying to explain about the discharge characteristics of NiMH!

  anchor 14:15 02 May 2007

Available now; One UK source is here:

click here

  Totally-braindead 15:03 02 May 2007

I've used standard NIMH for quite some time on my camera, some of the best prices for them are here click here= the higher capacity ones the better for cameras in general. Far superior to NICAD.
The new hybrid ones look even better.
And if you get something like this click here even better as its a universal charger, works on 110volts so you can take it with you on your hols.
I must admit its the first I've heard of the new hybrid ones and they certainly look very interesting, and from the link anchor supplied they don't appear to be that dear either.

  spuds 17:25 02 May 2007

Very interesting. I use rechargeable on a regular basis (including lead acid) for various things. The price doesn't seem to bad, but I expect that this will decrease when they become more available.Maplins and Argos could be another source shortly!.

For general use at present, I find that Aldi promotional stocks are very good value, when available.

  Stuartli 19:07 02 May 2007

An NiMH rechargeable battery lost approximately one per cent of its charge daily.

You can buy battery rechargers that will recharge flattened batteries in around 15 minutes such as:

click here

But obviously they are not cheap.

Info on aspects of rechargeable batteries:

click here

  oresome 22:26 02 May 2007

I note from Stuartli's link that the charge rate for the rapid charger is a staggering 7.5 amps for AA size batteries.

The 15 minute charge period relates to a 2200mAh cell in which time the charger will have attempted to put in 7500mAh x 1/4 hour = 1875mAh.

Even assuming 100% efficiency, the battery will therefore not be fully charged. The batteries are fan cooled during charging which suggests a fair level of inefficiency and I would guess a half charge at best will be achieved within the quoted time.

Anybody used one? Does it shorten the life of the batteries?

  bluto1 23:26 02 May 2007


  Totally-braindead 00:17 03 May 2007

I think perhaps I should point out something to people who are not fully up to date with rechargeable batteries and might read this.

Some batteries can be fast charged, by this I mean they can be charged from flat in an hour or less. Some can only be trickle charged, that is charged at a lower rate for a longer period, typically 24 hours, sometimes more.

If you have rechargeable batteries it is vitally important you read what charging rates they will take. If they are batteries which can only take a small trickle charge and you try forcing them to take a higher power than they are able to they may destroy themselves and usually the charger as well. Sometimes they can even explode or catch fire. And yes I have seen both exploding batteries and batteries on fire.

So if you buy rechargeable batteries of any type please do check what they can be charged at and what the charger puts out before you burn your house down.
Many chargers are what they call delta peak chargers which is meant to stop the charging before damage but it makes good sense to check.

  Stuartli 10:09 03 May 2007

I have one of the "intelligent" battery chargers (cost me £11.75 including VAT) - it's well worthwhile as you state to use one when recharging.

I can also recharge the batteries with the charger using either my car's cigar lighter socket or equivalent in the boot - very handy if you are away from home and the charging time is exactly the same as on the mains.

The battery charger came with both mains and car adapters.

It's very similar to this rebadged Jessops version:

click here

and is a Fameart model. Jessops used to charge £19.99 for its version but it's now superceded.

  malgall 20:50 03 May 2007

the hybrid batteries look very good
no more fast charge that will shorten the battery life
you can just charge them over longer time and keep
them ready for use

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