Important warning for "on-line" bank customers

  anchor 12:17 28 Aug 2004

Online customers of eight banks were yesterday warned to beware of a sophisticated scam being used to hack into their accounts.

Those who do their internet banking with Abbey, Barclays, Cahoot, HSBC, Lloyds, Natwest, Nationwide and the Woolwich are being targeted by malicious software that steals their access codes.

Russian criminals are attempting to divert funds from British accounts by infecting computers with Tofger-BG, a "trojan program" that secretly records users' keystrokes when they visit bank websites.

Confidential data is then sent to an internet site registered in Russia, allowing hackers to access accounts.

Inadequately protected computers can be infected with the "spyware" when users download infected files from the internet or via malicious e-mails. Computer security experts identified the banks being targeted by examining Tofger-BG's coding yesterday. It is not known whether any customers have lost money so far.

Graham Cluley, senior technical consultant at the computer security company Sophos, said: "This is very different from the fraudulent e-mails which many computer users receive trying to lure them to a bogus website.

"This trojan waits for the customer to visit real banking websites and then captures passwords and account information.

"Now online bank customers need to be aware it is possible for someone to steal money from them from the comfort of their armchair on the other side of the world."

  It's Me 12:30 28 Aug 2004

So how on earth do you protect yourself from that, other than stopping using the Accounts.
I don't suppose that I'm safe either even though I don't use any of the banks listed.
This is getting farcical!

  Gaz 25 12:43 28 Aug 2004


All the more reason to install good antivirus and watch what websites/e-mails you click on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:28 28 Aug 2004

As with all the other 'threats' I doubt if anything will come of this. There have been MANY reports of similar trojans over the last 2 years and AFAIK there has not been mass plundering of accounts. In the unlikelty event that this was to happen, your account would be refunded by the bank in double quick time. As usual I will carry on regardless.


  bremner 13:51 28 Aug 2004

click here 380,000 reported ID thefts in US last year

  spuds 15:44 28 Aug 2004

Like most things in life,it doesn't effect you until it happens to you.This week my email box as had a few 'hits' from the Nationwide and a couple of American Banks scams, but as I do not bank with these on-line companies, then I suppose I am not very concerned, at the moment.

One thing that I did find out recently, Barclays say that they do not send emails in response to enquiries,they most definately do. Or at least, they did in my case.

  cga 18:15 28 Aug 2004

Well - sort of :-)

There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) being spread by people who want to show how much they know.

As I said in the Speakers Corner thread, Banks are well aware of these security threats and have put measures in place to counteract them. (At least the 2 UK banks and 1 German bank I deal with have).

There are always risks but this is really being hyped up.

  VoG II 19:22 28 Aug 2004
  Q-Bie 19:29 28 Aug 2004

It's great how Citybank are always looking out for me, giving me access to a lovely site where I can change my account details for them, its so nice of them to sent it to me 2 or 3 times a week too!

Especially nice of them as I don't even have an account with them!



  NORFOLK SPARKY 21:13 28 Aug 2004

my bank uses drop down lists to input your security details as this does not involve key strokes how can hackers find the details?

  jakimo 11:59 29 Aug 2004

Give tds-3 a try,nothing to loose

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