IMPORTANT: Campus Systems cease trading.

  markp888 12:09 02 Jun 2003

As of end May 03 Campus Systems Limited have ceased trading and are offering no further support...

A recorded message on 0870 444 6900 confirms the same.

The insolvency is being handled by The Till Morris Partnership, 32 Brook Street, Warwick CV34 4BL. Contact Paul Rogers on 01926 497722.

I ordered a PC in March and have been fobbed off ever since, eventually cancelling my order early May. No refund received of course, and now I know why...

If this is the right place to collect Campus horror stories, lets do it (I'll post the details of my story later), and forward on to the insolvency investigators. These jokers have been deceitful, possibly unlawful in some of the things they have said and done. IF they have been trading whilst technically insolvent, they are for the high jump. I don't think they should get away with it.

Comments / similar stories?

  Lú-tzé 14:07 02 Jun 2003

Comment: I really do hope that you have paid by Credit Card. Best wishes.

  setter 15:57 02 Jun 2003

There is quite a lot on the computerbuyer website.
It would look like they have formed a new company called F3.
click here
If you are looking to talk to someone they are still answering the Campus sales line on 0870 066 0710 or the F3 sales line on 0870 442 7231

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:31 02 Jun 2003

'IF they have been trading whilst technically insolvent, they are for the high jump. I don't think they should get away with it' my experience you will have to have the world's deepest pockets. There are pitifully few positive results from people who have tried to prove that a company has traded insolvently.

If you paid by credit card (which you should have done) you will be OK. If you paid by cash. cheque or bank transfer you will ahve to put the loss down to experience.

Save the solicitor's fees and concentrate on your CC refund.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:39 02 Jun 2003 is pointless trying to get any redress from the new company as it is a seperate entity with no ties to the old company, legally or morally.

As Campus has gone into liquidation it will also be pointless speaking to the salesline to get refunds. The company went bust due to lack o'cash and they will not be refunding anyone. Mind you the F3 web page certainly loads quickly ;-)


  Rayuk 18:42 02 Jun 2003

Is that the same one as in the budget pcs reviews
on the pca site.??

  Forum Editor 19:20 02 Jun 2003

with anyone who has ordered a computer from a company that has ceased to trade, we will NOT be collecting "Campus horror stories" or speculating about how anyone may have been deceitful and/or possibly unlawful, or indulging in any of the other totally unsubstantiated guesses as to what may have happened in this case.

Once a company is in liquidation there's no point in wasting time seeking revenge, the people handling the insolvency are paid to look into the circumstances.

I suggest that you take heed of Gandalf's sensible advice, and concentrate on talking to your Credit card issuer. You did pay by credit card presumably?

  spuds 19:39 02 Jun 2003

If you paid by credit card or via one of those interest free credit packages, then you may have course for a refund via the Credit Consumers Act. If you paid by cheque,cash or other means, then you must contact the liquidator asap. But do not hold your hopes up to high, if you go the liquidators route. Usually when these people are brought in there is very little to salvage, for the guy on the street.

I was involved with the Tempo saga, and I pursued the matter very strongly. It took many months to resolve the matter to my satisfaction, and only then via the Credit Consumers Act.

  markp888 22:06 02 Jun 2003

I take all your comments on board, thank you. In my case I'm not personally out of pocket, as this was a company purchase, which my employer paid for by cheque (as a lot of companies do...). We already have Campus PCs on site, but not enough to open a credit account… at least we had some sort of "track record" with them, and at least we can claim the VAT back on the latest transaction :)

Speculation and hearsay wasn't what I was suggesting with "horror stories". If other customers are in the same boat, I was looking for a vehicle to collect legitimate information to pass on to the liquidator, sort of what I imagined "ConsumerWatch" might be about. I don’t want to abuse your Forum, and do appreciate its existence.

Apart from being told my PC had been "lost by the courier", and that subsequently my refund cheque had been "lost in the post", I was, as part of their dying breath, given a Royal Mail recorded delivery tracking number by Campus for my "replacement refund cheque" which, of course, proved to be invalid.... Such tactics deserve to be punished.

I have written to the liquidator of course, if only to vent my spleen. Unsecured creditors are way down the list, it’s true.

I am aware that Campus, F3, and the actual people behind the respective companies have separate legal identities. That legal precedent was set in Salomon v Salomon in the 19th century I think! However, I cannot help but feel extremely, blood boilingly angry when the day after closing doors (owing thousands), a "new" company, using exactly the same web-site text (sorry, word-searched for “Campus”, replaced with “F3”), with exactly the same terms and conditions, at exactly the same address, with a significant number of the same staff, and with the same self-proclaimed status as a "big player", opens its doors on an unsuspecting public.

People have a right to know who sowed this particular seed, and what might grow from it. Legal smoke and mirrors aside, I suggest potential customers of any Campus-spawned offshoot should seriously question how "sound" the new boys will be. How well funded are they? Will they be around to honour their warranty obligations? Will they think twice about shutting their doors again…? Same could be true for any company I know, but this particular one has hit a nerve with me. Sorry for droning on.

Sleep well Campus.

  Forum Editor 08:06 03 Jun 2003

No need to be - you've had a bad experience, and in your shoes I too would be "blood boilingly angry ".

The insolvency will be investigated, and of course if you have evidence that you wish to place before the insolvency practitioners you are perfectly at liberty to do so. We aren't here to libel companies or individuals, but we are concerned to safeguard the consumer - your understanding of what Consumerwatch is about was correct in that respect.

If anyone else has experienced a loss as a result of the Campus insolvency perhaps they'll post details here - minus any potentially libellous comment.

  PC Advisor. 10:00 03 Jun 2003

Hi folks,

For your information.

Thanks markp888 for bringing this to our attention. And thanks - as ever - to FE and Gandalf for level-headed guidance.

click here

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