I'm sure this is a hoax ; can anyone confirm?

  palinka 11:08 27 Dec 2009

This email was circulated last week among some of my acquaintances. It has all the hallmarks of a hoax, but if it is, I can't find this exact one mentioned anywhere. Decided quickest way to solve it is to ask at PCA. Has anyone got the answer, please.
"Have juist received call from Neighhood Watch relayed from Trading Standards/BT (which I have confirmed) A card is left saying a parcel cannot be delivered, to arrange delivery, phone a 0845 number. Doing this will cost you £315.00."

  g0nvs 11:15 27 Dec 2009

Could be one of these.click here

  palinka 11:37 27 Dec 2009

thanks,g0nvs; it's very SIMILAR to the ICTIS warning: I sent info about that in November to some of the same people who have now received this latest "warning". But that's not really similar enough to convince some of these folk! So I'm hoping to find something closer.

  Forum Editor 13:11 27 Dec 2009

no call to an 0845 number is going to cost £315:00.

  Woolwell 13:25 27 Dec 2009

It's a hoax. Something similar click here

  palinka 13:35 27 Dec 2009

thanks everyone.

I was in no doubt - but it's sometimes hard to convince others.

  jack 15:26 27 Dec 2009

purporting to come from many of the international carriers
DHL- FedEX - among others
The whole point is of course- What Parcel?
If you were not expecting one- then- one cannot be 'undelivered'
If you are expecting one - get onto the the seller/sender and check sending method or tracking number

why such e-mails are created in the first place. As far as I can tell, no one stands to benefit from them, so who actually writes them and why?

  Pine Man 16:34 28 Dec 2009

'It always puzzles me why such e-mails are created in the first place'.

Most of them aren't they are 'urban myths'.

I know they are myths, but someone has to create the myth at some point!

  Pine Man 10:34 29 Dec 2009

You missed my point.

The emails were not 'created in the first place' they never existed. It's a bit like chinese whispers - IMHO.

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