I'm not so smug about spam now

  redelf 19:19 10 Jul 2003

For years I wondered what the great debate about spam was , having never suffered from it personally, ever. Mainly because I never gave my e-mail address to anyone I did not trust and never posted it on user groups etc. Until this week, when I foolishly posted on a Google group and had to put in my e-mail address which was published in the group and, within a few days, I had an e-mail with a virus. My Norton AV 2003 on my home PC dealt with it easily, although when I checked my personal e-mail via accessing the web at work, the corporate Norton AV failed ! But it was just a feeble script that kept opening multiple windows and closing IE stopped it. I now have set up some new message rules and blocked sender etc.
I should have heeded the advice I have read many times in magazines; if you have to post your e-mail address publicly, such as for Google groups, use a disposable e-mail such as Hotmail etc and keep your own private. I am now off to try the Google "Automatic removal Tool" again - judging by the problems getting to that, I am not the only one to be affected.
Hope others can benefit from my stupidity.

  perpetually-perplexed 19:26 10 Jul 2003

i feel for you. did the same thing last yr. cost me loads in cash and time, id turned of my firewall and avg cos comp was running slow. never again

good luck with a fix

  polymath 20:41 10 Jul 2003

I too used to be spam-free. I've used the net for 2 1/2 years, and have always been careful, like you, with my email address.

But it wasn't enough, alas! I started getting spam about 9 months ago, probably via those random email address generators, curse them.

I still only get about 2 a day on average, though, so being careful is still worthwhile. And Mailwasher makes things easier.

Have you had one of those offering millions of email addresses on CD? It was quite satisfying boucing that one!

What really annoys me is the offers etc. specific to, say, US citizens, that get sent everywhere. Can't they at least exclude other country codes?

  bfoc 22:13 10 Jul 2003

I too thought I was safe from spam. I never gave out my main addresses in public forums and just used ones I could afford to 'lose' if needed. Then some 'wally' in a very reputable organisation I had dealings with managed to send a mass email in such a way that all the thousands of email address the organisation held were on each email! Instant and ever growing spam.

I got Mailwatcher and blocked and complained about repeated spammers, particularly the porno ones.

I think I upset someone because they then managed to use part of my main domain address as a fake source advertising porno sites. All the bounced and refused mail, all the complaints, all the requests for 'membership' (there were some) clogged my mailbaox at the rate of 2000-10000 a day. I asked my then ISP to just block the sub name to which these were arriving. They said they couldn't do so and all I could do was close my main account!

Do be very careful.

  Sir Radfordin 23:03 10 Jul 2003

I have had to use an email address for various reasons that have ended up on mailing lists. Some my own choice others not. In the first 6 months of this year I have been sent over 4500 emails that I don't want to read. Most of these are spam, many are ones that at some point I requested but now can't get rid off.

My hotmail account gets on average 20 a day (the figure above is from another address) and they just get deleted. Have found that if I keep the account right up to the limit I have less of a problem. Though even when its really full some spam gets through.

I think its just a fact of life and something we have to put up with. Evidence does seem to be the fewer people who know your address the less you will suffer.

  Chegs ® 09:40 11 Jul 2003

I have always used a "disposable" email address to signup to websites(if it refuses to accept it,I don't bother with the site)In this way I have no need of a spamblocker/bouncer type prog as my ISP email addy never gets any spam.With my first puter,I knew no different and the ISP addy I used then,I tried clicking the "remove from mailing list" button,and the next few days the addy became unusable due to the thousands of emails arriving each time I opened OE.Its a salutory lesson! :-)

  vaughan007 10:54 11 Jul 2003

I have had the same email address for about 9 years. I have never used it to post on the net or anything like that. I now get between 20 and 30 junk messages a day. This started about 4 years ago.

  Mango Grummit 15:38 12 Jul 2003

I really have not had much spam despite several years on the net. Until about 5 weeks ago when the stuff just flooded in. What I'd done to precipitate this I just haven't a clue. On day three things got even worse, I was having e-mails "returned" and "replied" to that I had not sent and were not even from my address. Then they became threatening (judging from the headings 'cos I never read them). So I closed that address for 4 days and on reopening it everything was back to normal and has remained so luckily.

I genuinely used to believe that people brought spam on themselves somehow. Like redelf, I'm not so smug about it now.

  so3003 18:01 12 Jul 2003

Best thing I ever saw (well the most ironic anyway) was a mailing list I'd subscribed to and then was repeatedly unable to leave, who sent out an email asking all "members" to email their ISP and tell them it was legitimate - and followed it up with a story about how some scoundrels were accusing them of sending out spam!

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