im new to pc, idiot proof help required

  bbt 14:12 07 Jan 2003
  bbt 14:12 07 Jan 2003

santa delived this pc via time store. he also brought two games sims working great age of mythology not so great. each time i try to play inisiation fails or so the message keeps telling me. As a complete novice i contacted microsoft they say its a problem with my graphic card driver. this is all double dutch to me time have been as useful as chocolate teapot. is ther anybody that can help or point me in right direction. info i know about my pc: time monster machine, AMD athlon 2200+, 512 mb. running window xp home, video card s3 graphic prosavageDDR compaq
(driver s3gnbm.sys dated 15 march 2002.)
Idiot proof help needed urgently

  €dstow 14:19 07 Jan 2003

This will be much better answered if you post in Helproom. Some very knowledgeable people go there but they may not come here.


  PA28 14:32 07 Jan 2003

As this is a new machine, suggest that you let Time sort it out for you - pronto. Probably right that it's your graphics driver (the bit of software that lets your video (graphics) card talk to your computer so that they can work together in harmony - well, that's the theory), but why should you have to sort this out? Talk to Time as your supplier, rather than Microsoft - let us know what transpires???

  Sir Radfordin™ 14:41 07 Jan 2003

Duplicate thread here: click here

  bbt 15:11 07 Jan 2003

time not interested in helping. said i should have bought extra backup disc. for £50.00 when purchasing machine. nobody told me that at time. i have a disc with driver on but they are the same ones i have installed. Time suggest i ring there tech help. £1.00 per minute. Have a feeling i made major error in purchasing from them. really dont want to give them any more hard earned cash unless last resort. have been to their web site and downloaded the drivers ther but no differnt to the one i have installed already. any other suggestions greatly recieved.

  nightporter 15:24 07 Jan 2003

I can't see why it's Times problem, sounds like a software prob, so either update the graphics cards driver or go to the Age of Mythology web site and see if there is a patch to rectify the problem.

  bbt 15:27 07 Jan 2003

sorry i am really new to this what is a patch and what do i do with it?

  bbt 15:30 07 Jan 2003

you prob think i'm totally stupid but as i say completly new to this, somebody has suggested my graphic card is not upto playing age of Myth. how can i find out if it is or not. Would microsoft not have said when i asked them for help.

  nightporter 15:34 07 Jan 2003

First of all on the Age of Mythology site there is a list of cards supported (I just looked). If you can find out the exact card I'll go again.

  nightporter 15:38 07 Jan 2003

Ok, this is the only S3 savage card that IS NOT supported, if its not yours then the card is ok. S3 Savage 2000.

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