I'm interested to know

  Forum Editor 19:03 10 Apr 2004

what you think of Google's new free email scheme - does anyone need all that free space (1Gigabyte) just for emails, and do you fancy having your mail pages scattered with ads based on the content of your messages - even if you are assured that no Google humans will ever read the mail?

What about mail security in general - are you fairly happy that your messages are only being read by the recipients?

Do we all have an absolute human right to privacy where electronic communication is concerned, or is that a naive dream in these troubled times?

As usual with these opinion-gathering threads I will assume that you agree to be mentioned by name if I use your comments in a forthcoming magazine column, unless you say otherwise in your post.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:19 10 Apr 2004

1) I have yet to meet anyone living that would need anywhere near 1Gb of mail space. I save any important emails to CD/floppy.

2) Couldn't really care less about adverts. I buy newspapers, magazines and watch commercial TV channels. OTOH I have had some brilliant deals thanks to adverts :-))

3) Whoever reads my emails is a matter of supreme indifference to me and the cat. Anyone concerned about security will be encrypting their emails or communicating in other ways. My emails are triple dull.

4) People have an imagined right to privacy but in reality they have none in any electronic age. Demanding privacy in today's world is the epitome of naïve idealism. Again, whoever knows my personal details is welcome to them. If they blag my bank/CC details the companies will refund double quick. Having had a spurious flight to Nigeria put on my charge card I know that they refund quickly and £25 extra in my case. So long as I get £25 each time the world and his wife can use my charge card.

5)...er, that's all.


  Sapins 19:53 10 Apr 2004

Give us the number then G. LOL

  thms 19:53 10 Apr 2004

1) 1GB I doubt very much if anyone would require this amount of mail space. I back up my mail and have about 5MB after 1 Year.

2)Adverts would make my e-mail less boring. Usually short and to the point.

3) Unless e-mails are encrypted sending mail is like sending a postcard. You wouldn't send your bank details on the back of a postcard. *Would You*

4) Some people demand absolute privacy. Then again I would like to fly around the universe in fireball XL5.

  powerless 19:55 10 Apr 2004

As it's free you cannot exactly complain about anything.

If you need IGB then sign up.

If you are worried about them scanning your email and related adverts apperaing then go somewhere else, you have that choice.

"Do we all have an absolute human right to privacy where electronic communication is concerned, or is that a naive dream in these troubled times?" - WE DO but when it comes to national security, they can read what they like.

  S5W 20:07 10 Apr 2004

That amount of email space is far more than I can envisage anyone needing but I expect some will want it because it's there. Ads are just a mild annoyance and may well slow down the rush to more formal charging for air use.

If you want security don't use the internet, or email. No such thing as privacy any more; not just on the internet. Whether or not we have an 'absolute human right' to it is rhetorical 'cause it has gone the way of the dodo.

  spuds 21:09 10 Apr 2004

Appologies to the FE.For those who do not know what the FE is refering to click here click here

  Curio 21:10 10 Apr 2004

What I send by email is definitely unimportant to anyone else other than the addressee. If I need security like that, Encryption is the answer.

  spuds 21:14 10 Apr 2004

Further appology.My first link is for reference purpose only, not suggesting that the FE had this competitor company in mind or otherwise.

  interzone55 21:16 10 Apr 2004

I'm signing up as soon as the service starts as it's incredibly annoying having limits on the size of attachments I can send using Hotmail & FSMail.
I regularly send large attachments from work. As we use an aging version of Lotus Notes, I only have a 50/50 chance of the attachment working after it's passed through the Domino server into Outlook 2003, so I send mail home using Hotmail or FSMail, Hotmail won't accept attachments over 1Mb. FSMail won't allow you to send exe or rar files, and sometimes won't accept zips either. So a 1Gb limit will act as handy file storage space.

Any care to take a guess how much disk space Google has?

  justme 21:38 10 Apr 2004

Perhaps they think you will need 1Gb of space because there will be so many adverts in your e-mails.

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