I'm after a DAB radio

  Armchair 12:29 04 Aug 2007

It has to be able to use batteries, though. I've been browsing a bit, and spotted this one (link is to Argos)

click here

which appears to fit the bill. It's small, only uses 4 AA batteries, and isn't that expensive. I don't really want to pay much more than that. Just wondering how many hours playback I would get from rechargeable batteries in that? I already have plenty of 2100 MAH batteries.

Also spotted one in ASDA, for £24.99, Durabrand. 6 AA batteries, 8 presets, DAB/FM. Anyone got one of those, and if so what do you think of it's performance?

Any others you'd recommend? Cheers.

  Stuartli 13:30 04 Aug 2007

I'd spend an extra tenner and get the Sony:

click here

  Armchair 14:10 04 Aug 2007

It appears to be the same spec. as the Intempo one, though. Any advantage in buying a Sony?

  Stuartli 14:38 04 Aug 2007

Yes, it's a Sony...:-)

  Armchair 14:47 04 Aug 2007

Erm, righto.

Anyone else any advice on this?

  Stuartli 16:11 04 Aug 2007

Some advice and general information:

click here

My best mate sells a lot of Roberts radios (UK manufacturer) of all types. See:

click here

  Woolwell 16:50 04 Aug 2007

I think that the Pure radios are pretty good. You can get a Chargepak for them but that would push it over your budget.

  wee eddie 18:19 04 Aug 2007

DAB is one of the most expensive disasters since the Titanic. And should go the same way.

Reception ~ is disturbed every time a bird flies by. The signal can be cut off by reinforced concrete, foil backed insulating materials (used in many modern buildings), and thick walls.

Broadcast quality ~ is so low that the reproduction can only be compared between a £20 boom box and a DAB Radio to do that will cost you £80, or more, and won't even have a free CD Player built in.

Battery life ~ An AM/FM Radio will get about 20 times, more in many cases, the playing time from a set of batteries. It takes a load of power to do the de-coding.

Time ~ The Pips: a delay of approximately 2 seconds is normal and some Models take up to 4.5 seconds to decode the signal. Fat lot of good that is.

  Armchair 21:24 04 Aug 2007

Cheers, Wee Eddie. This is why I ask around before buying stuff like this. You eventually find out the cons in all their mouldy glory, lol. No purchase.

  wee eddie 21:56 04 Aug 2007

good DAB signal is perfect, but then so is a good FM signal. I don't get a bad FM signal very often.

DAB is one of those "must have" thingies.

I think that it will, either be allowed to wither away or the Government will have to throw millions at it in order that others may make money out of the Advertising. I think that the economic model if faulty.

  Woolwell 22:38 04 Aug 2007

Some of my FM reception isn't too hot and some AM (5 Live for example)is poor where I live. But with DAB I get good reception and other channels that I cannot get on analogue like TalkSport.
I don't get the reception being disturbed.
All DAB's though get through batteries faster than analogue radios.

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