Iiyama's lack of understanding TFT Quality

  MEA01GJR 17:45 04 Mar 2004

As of today I was a proud owner of a brand new balck 17" Iiyama e431s black monitor. After setting it up and installing it I was suprised of the sharpness and quality is presented its self as.

But whats that? My eyes were drawn to a bright white spec in the centre of the screen, after close inspection it was a fixed white spec exactly the size of a pixel and stood out like a sore thumb under the normal use, my eyes drawn to it every time I looked at the monitor.

Well obviously the case for warranty? After dicussion with an Iiyama they told me it doesen't count, for my screen there has to be at least 4 rouge pixels to even consider repair!

Well thanks, I am now left with a monitor that isn't really 100% correct in my eyes (and surley many others too!). They say the case is that all TFT manufactures abide by an international standard that covers it; well covers them from expensive repairs and maintance.

My only option, to return the goods under the distance sellers act for refund (can only be done in the first 7 days) but at a cost of over £35 for delivery which I have to pay.

I would just like to let others know, that when considering buying a TFT monitor; no matter what you pay you may be stuck with a substandard picture with rouge pixels staring out of the screen.

I am keen to stress that this is a rare occurence, one that you may be stuck with for the rest of the monitors natural life.

Thanks Iiyama, sounds life you should change your Slogan from "Quality, Value, Support" to "Quality (Well most of the time), Value, Questionable support". Thanks alot.

  Sir Radfordin 18:19 04 Mar 2004

Had you bought from nearly any other supplier you would have got the same response had you faced the same problem.

Most TFTs are Class 2 which means they can have a number of 'dead' pixles before they are considered faulty.

A few are Class 1 which means no dead pixles but they often cost a lot more becuase of the higher cost of production.

  byfordr 18:28 04 Mar 2004

As Sir Radfordin says dems the rules! Unless you are prepared to pay for a class 1 then 4 dead pixels and under it won't be replaced. CTX were doing one, back it was only guaranteed for about 3 months, before reverting to the class 2 replacement rules.

If it bothers you that much return it and pay the money.


  Forum Editor 18:36 04 Mar 2004

(not a Iiyama model) and if there's one dead pixel it's going back. I know that there's an agreed 'standard' on this, but dead pixels are intensely irritating, and I certainly couldn't live with a white one in the middle of the screen. Once you know about a rogue pixel you look at it every few seconds.

Don't single out Liyama foer blame on this - all class 2 TFT monitors are subject to the same agreed standard. It's perfectly possible to market perfect TFT screens, but the reject rate during manufacture makes them more expensive. Most class 2 screens come out of the box with no dead pixels, so it's not a massive problem.

  Sir Radfordin 18:51 04 Mar 2004

Can I just ask how many times you would be prepared to send a monitor back under such circumstances? Surely this could go on forever?

  oresome 18:53 04 Mar 2004

"Most class 2 screens come out of the box with no dead pixels, so it's not a massive problem."
I must be very unfortunate. We have 3 TFT's in the house, all exhibiting faulty pixels, but none more than two or three.

  Rayuk 19:04 04 Mar 2004

If you have a specs cleaning cloth just rub gently where the dead pixel is,it sometimes works not always.

I know it is upsetting especially when you consider the price you pay for these monitors.

Did you not know about the dead pixel policies before you purchased this monitor?.

  Rayuk 19:12 04 Mar 2004

I think if you are that concerned you may like to check up on CTX tfts,some come with a guarantee of no dead pixels for 6months.

  Forum Editor 19:30 04 Mar 2004

Good question, and I'm not sure of the answer. Obviously I couldn't keep sending screens back; on the other hand I don't think I could live with a dead pixel - at least not one that was in the centre of the screen.

I've owned eight different laptops in my time, and must have been incredibly lucky, for I've never had a single dead pixel. I hope that isn't about to change with my new screen - we'll have to wait and see. I've seen bad pixels on other people's screens, and I've cured a few by gentle massage with a cotton bud - never a sure-fire method, but sometimes works.

  Jonathan314159 20:02 04 Mar 2004

Also depends where it is and what colour - I've got a 5 year old cheapish Proview TFT which has always had a green dead pixel on the left hand side, but I really don't notice it

  MEA01GJR 20:23 04 Mar 2004

Your cloth trick worked first time, what a treat.

Thank you very much for your help; i'll keep a close eye on it but it definatley seems to make it more tolerable


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