Iiyama VM Pro 454 19" v ProLite E431 TFT 17"

  fredhead40 18:58 08 Sep 2004

My trusty VM pro17 has now reached it end with an all over pink hue.
Time to look at something different.

I want to maybe stick with Iiyama and can make up my mind if its time to go TFT now.

The 454 will certainly take up some more area than my current monitor but will the stand.
I have read the PCA reviews on both and seem to lean towards the 454. I dont use the pc much for worrd processing and will be general home use. However I assume most like me would still like to get their hands on a decent TFT.

I am also looking to put a new video card in. Not sure what to do. I want to be able to connect my Video cam for editing and have a digital output to connect a monitor via should I get the TFT. Budget of around £200 for the card.

Any suggestions ? if you have either of the two monitors then please mention what card you currently use and what results you get.

  OU812 20:55 08 Sep 2004

I recently started work with a company that had in the last six months changed over to using tft's.

Seeing we had a VM 454 (previously used by our designer) lying around in a workroom unused I asked if I could 'borrow' (ahem) it, which my co where happy for me to do since it was just gathering dust.

The only problem I had with the monitor was a buzzing noise it would make, I reported this to Ilyama and they very swiftly agreed to exchange it (excellent customer service all round).

I am very happy with the replacement and now use it as my primary monitor over the 15' TFT I have used at home for the last 2 yrs (with a 9600XT gfx card).

In comparison to both my TFT and the 17' model I use at work there is a vibrancy about the screen image and it offers a greater degree of flexibility with multimedia applications.

Downsides? well text output while good isn't on a par with a good TFT, its pretty big but nevertheless reasonably aesthetically pleasing due to its rounded as opposed to boxy shape you normally find with other CRTs so it doesn't feel like its dominating your desk.

All in all I'd consider it to be a good buy but you really need to take a look at this model and the TFT you are interested in to help you make up your mind.

  Bernard2 22:49 08 Sep 2004

Like fredhead I wanted to stick with Iiyama when I changed from a CRT to TFT. I opted for the Prolite E481S 19" as I considered it well worth paying the extra for the larger size screen. I have not regretted this and consider it to be excellent value for money.

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