Iiyama poor support.

  Terrycot 18:34 16 Dec 2005

Four months ago I purchased from newmonitors.co.uk a Prolite H431S-B LCD Monitor.
The monitor should be adjustable from landscape to portrait. The monitor will not acheive portrait mode falling a few degrees short enough to be disconcerting. Newmonitors refered me to Iiyama (yes my contract is with Newmonitors) Iiyama assured me they would replace the monitor. Due to stock deficiencies I am still waiting. Yesterday 15/12/05 after informing them I was considering going to The Small Claims Court I accepted their offer of a new base assembly to be delivered today for me to rectify, generously, The Sales and Marketing Manager said he would pop in the post some replacement screws.
Needless to say on calling Iiyama helpdesk this evening after taking the day off I was informed that the base unit was not despatched. I did not receive the screws either.
For four months I have had coasters under the monitor. I have lost patience with the company and its agent, do you think I am being ureasonable to now go to court.


  steve0 19:04 16 Dec 2005

I think you have waited long enough. Get your money back or go to court.
Just to contast this with the service I received from Viewsonic. About a month after purchace of a vp930 monitor the digital input stopped working. Viewsonic collected the monitor and delivered a replacement the very next day! They have a three year on site warranty - something I wasn't aware of when I bought the monitor.

  Terrycot 19:18 16 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply stevo Iiyama have a 3 year swap out warranty which in my experience is worthless

  Stuartli 00:06 17 Dec 2005

My experience with iiyama (and my current 17in S702GT is seven years old) is that after sales service is absolutely first class.

A small point. My monitor cost me £215 (I bought two at the time otherwise it would have been £229 without a discount).

Today you can buy a similar monitor for around a third of the price.

Work out the level of after sales service standards you can reasonably expect (if it actually applies in this case) for yourself.

  Terrycot 01:43 17 Dec 2005

The monitor cost £231 I would expect the warranty and my statuatory rights to be honored. I have not received any level of service to date.

  bremner 15:21 17 Dec 2005

Like Stuartli my experience of iiyama has always been good............ until recently

In November two 431S-B failed over the same weekend. iiyama took 3 weeks and two deliveries to deliver the replacements - quoting stock problems like in your case.

They were always polite and wanted to help - but it does seem they have some serious stocking issues.

  Stuartli 16:44 17 Dec 2005

>>The monitor cost £231>>

The difference, in my case, is that you can buy a similar type of 17" CRT monitor from one of the big names from around £50 upwards brand new.

If prices had kept pace with just inflation alone over the past six or seven years, rather than fall dramatically, my iiyama monitor today would cost considerably more than I paid...:-)

I bought a 21in Toshiba Nicam TV in 1990 which cost me £499.99 - today a Toshiba set that's virtually the same specification wise is just £129.99.

  freaky 18:40 17 Dec 2005

I have two Iiyama TFT's - 17" E435S and a 19" E481S. On one occasion I had reason to call Iiyama, during the course of the conversation it transpired that they are NOT Iiyama. They are in fact an agency who act on behalf of a number of suppliers including Iiyama.

Fortunately the Agency resolved the problem - in your case they have not. Your only recourse would be to contact Iiyama direct, or tell the agency that you will - then hopefully they may be more helpful.

  Terrycot 18:50 17 Dec 2005

Yes I discovered the same I am talking to Iiyama but they seem unable to help. I think my only recourse now is to ask for a full refund, involving my credit card company if required. If this fails the small claims court is the next step.

  Terrycot 18:57 17 Dec 2005

I understood your point but the monitor was purchased for its small footprint. The equivalent CRT would be too large for the required location. The cost of the monitor is not the problem it is its fitness for purpose with the defect and Iiyamas inability to remedy the situation even asking me to do it myself with parts that were not even despatched.

  Stuartli 19:23 17 Dec 2005

The type of monitor was not the issue, merely the fact that the prices have dropped dramatically over recent years.

In fact one of the two monitors I bought was clearly a returns item (it even had the name of the company who had bought it on a letter in the box and all the leads etc had been unpacked).

I didn't even bother contacting the online retailer but got onto iiyama direct. The company expressed its great disappointment that I had been sold a used model, immediately arranged for a new replacement which was delivered next day and the unwanted monitor taken back at the same time.

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