If you want to by pass call centre menus

  carver 14:16 18 May 2013

If you don't want to spend minutes waiting for the call centre menu to send you into a hair pulling maniac then have a look here enter link description here I do not know how good it is or even if it could help you but at least it's worth a try.

I've entered quite a few numbers for different company's and it does seem to work.

  KRONOS the First 14:42 18 May 2013

I tend to hit the hash key repeatedly which usually gets me to a human being, then of course as they are invariably Asian which means I cannot understand them anyway and give up.

But added this to favouites it might come in handy.

  Nontek 15:09 18 May 2013

Thanks, bookmarked, just in case!

  Forum Editor 17:29 18 May 2013

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  BT 08:48 19 May 2013

I often find if you don't press anything at all you are often transferred to a real person?

  BT 17:57 24 May 2013

I had to phone the Eye Clinic at the hospital today to make an appointment, and was presented with a confusing array of options involving leaving a message with Name, address, Phone number, hospital number, NHS number. Then followed options to record a message, erase and rerecord your message, add to message, send message, make it urgent. Then a message from them that they would phone me back within 24hrs due to being extremely busy. So I just left my name and phone number and rang off, and about a minute later they rang back with an appointment.

Now my point is all they need to have is options to make an appointment or cancel an appointment, all the rest is unnecessary as they are going to call back anyway. If they just answered the phone they would also save them the cost of returned calls.

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