If You Don't Like Energy saving Bulbs

  Input Overload 18:39 19 Nov 2009

I can't stand the bog standard energy saving bulbs that you you the impression of being in a prison cell with two candles for lighting. I found these on E Bay and they are white 6400 Kelvin the same as sunshine in June.

These on this link click here are 30 watt but are equiv of around a 150 incandescent. They are really good. I've kitted the whole house out with these & larger ones from other sellers. It's like Tahiti in the living room & palm trees are sprouting.

I must stress I have nothing whatsoever to do with the seller except I have bought bulbs from him/her. This is for information only. But they are worth a try. Please don't flame me for spamming as that is not my intention.

  tullie 18:51 19 Nov 2009

Thanks,but ive got no problem with the ones i have,and they were free.

  MAT ALAN 18:59 19 Nov 2009

Full range in Homebase (philips) all half price all guaranteed for 8 years...

  curofone 19:22 19 Nov 2009

not linked to the seller in anyway? sure people will make their own minds up that one.

and you have kitted your whole house out in these? you must go around with sunglasses on.

think i will stick to my 100w equivalent energy saving bulbs with the 10 year guarantee as i seem to have an endless free supply of them

  morddwyd 19:31 19 Nov 2009

So what's different about these, apart from the wattage?

Higher wattage bulbs give more light, whether energy saving or incandescent.

  Amyfa 19:50 19 Nov 2009

We have some of these bulbs they cost a bit more but...

The difference with these light bulbs is that you get a white light and not a yellow tinge that you get from the other energy saving bulbs

  [email protected] 22:37 19 Nov 2009

It was recommended on this forum actually by peter99co in this thread click here. This is where I bought it from click here, and I too think they are brilliant - much better than the ordinary energy saving bulbs. The light from it is much more satisfying - both the brightness and the colour.

  Input Overload 00:24 20 Nov 2009

I don't tell lies & I never have, I have also been a member of this forum since almiost the beggining. curofone think before you make such moronic comments in future. Fortunately for you I don't know you. It's getting a waste of time posting on here, as all you get are sarcasm, & cretin like comments such as from curofone. You use you 2400 Kelvin bulbs & end up with S.A.D in February.

Thanks [email protected] & Amyfa, there is intelligence on here after all.

  Input Overload 00:36 20 Nov 2009

morddwyd, the light colour, these are 6400 Kelvin the same as sunshine, that's why people suffer from S.A.D in the winter because A: There is little sun. & B: the lights we have are to dim and the wrong colour. Look S.A.D. up in Google & you will find people buy light boxes that are bright and have the correct colour temperature around 6000+ degrees on the Kelvin scale. I have made my own as I suffer from S.A.D in mid winter, most people do to a greater or lesser degree.

This keeps them from getting depressed or lethargic due to lack of transmitters in the brain that are only made from sunlight or correct brightness & colour bulbs. Anti-Depressants will increase the availability of these transmitters but only sunlight or equiv makes them.

  KremmenUK 07:39 20 Nov 2009

Most of my rooms have remote control dimmer switches which are excellent.

I've tried a few of the energy saver 'dimmables' and none have lasted more than a week or 2 before they blew = they haven't cracked this technology yet.

We don't always want full power in some rooms but the ability to have full power occasionally.

  Input Overload 08:34 20 Nov 2009

That's why I have 3 lamps in the living room besides the main light, not as high tech as remote control but as effective. I also have a small person who lives here who does the job for me :-)

Before the days of remote telly's, I used to shout 'volume up on press' They have grown up now but haven't forgotten. A friend of mine have an 8 foot cane that he became very adapt at changing channels etc with.

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