If you could turn back time; would u?

  sMoKez:) 23:44 27 Apr 2006

I have had my telephone connection with NTL ( changed fromn BT way back - mainly cause a relative was a rep with Nynex(NTL) )

Every time a fantastic bb offer comes up I always get the problem 'BT line required' I am wondering wheather I did the right thing.

I have no problem with NTL/Broadband/tv etc. But i sometimes think that NTL/BT have us all by the short and curlies.

Anyone else?

  Skills 23:47 27 Apr 2006

A 12month cpntract with tiscali which is finished very soon.

I dont have a choice where I live its a BT line or nothin no cables. Which is rather anoying for me as I would quite like to go for the TV/BB/Phone Line package myself.

  spuds 09:08 28 Apr 2006

It would appear by BT advertising, that quite a number of their past customers are returning back to the fold.When you take the logical view, BT still have the monopoly over land-line coverage.

I like possibly most non NTL or other cable company users, are constantly fighting the junk mail situation on a virtual weekly basis, with one special offer which seems to supersede another. Eventually I suppose, someone may offer a completely free service, and when that time comes, serious consideration will be required :o)

  richardcockbain 16:28 28 Apr 2006

Skills -

I had problems with Tiscali last year when I switched to Pipex.

Tiscali would not give me a transfer code so I had to terminate with them first before I could get going with Pipex - meant the poor old BT engineer had to go the exchange twice! All in all a very poor experience with Tiscali (who never responded to my emails) and it meant I was off-line for nearly a month.

I cannot recommend Tiscali but check how easy (or diffiuclt) it will be to switch providers, might just be easier to stay put.

  dmc727 17:02 28 Apr 2006

Changing ISP’s can be a thorny issue if they are using different systems.

From what I read there is currently no formal migration path between DataStream (Tiscali) and IPStream (Pipex) and that is probably why you had the difficulty.

And with LLU (Carphone) there is currently no seamless method of migrating back to IPStream (say BT).

Suppose it is as a result of BT having to let go of it monopoly and others beginning to plough their own furrow.

  Skills 19:41 28 Apr 2006

Im not looking forward to it thats for sure. Last time I was in touch with tiscali I was still on Ipstream dont know if they have changed it over yet or not.

Been looking around at current deals but havent found one to suit yet, cable isnt an option as no cables laid in my area otherwise I would go that route.

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