If I buy Kodak 7630 in the USA.

  Steve Rugby 13:46 08 Jan 2005

If I buy the Kodak 7630 in the USA, will it work properley over here ? Will I be able to charge it properley for example ?


  Salinger 14:10 08 Jan 2005

Should work perfectly well, just buy a Step Down Transformer while you're there. They are dead cheap in USA. (You should only need this for recharging the Lithium Ion Battery.)

  Totally-braindead 14:55 08 Jan 2005

I was in the US just before Xmas and I found their prices for many of the cameras to be higher than the UK equivalent, so do your homework before you buy. click here click here now this equates to £160 but if you have to buy either a new charger or a Transformer you may lose any price advantage.

  spuds 17:04 08 Jan 2005

Consider the warranty,it may not be transferable to the UK.

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