IE or Firefox and other browsers

  dazza39 14:07 13 May 2009

Which is better,personally I use IE8 though have tried others and wern't to impressed.Views?

  wolfie3000 14:34 13 May 2009

Like me there will be alot of people saying Firefox is the best out of them all,
It just runs so well and has hundreds of addons so you can set it up to suite your needs.

  Pine Man 15:21 13 May 2009

Have to agree with wolfie3000. I've tried them all and have found fault with most BUT for sheer speed ease of use and customisation I couldn't beat Firefox. Having said that IE8 came a very close second.

  tullie 15:28 13 May 2009

Firefox is my opinion

  ^wave^ 16:12 13 May 2009

i think browsers are personal choice mine is chrome i find it very fast and has a simple interface firefox seems to be getting slower not much in it with ie8 which i find faster

  Pine Man 16:19 13 May 2009

Already you can see that people have different views on the same browser.

You have tried the others so stick with the one you like best. The longer this thread is open the more conflicting views you will get;-))

  AL47 18:20 13 May 2009


my opinion goes like this

ie8 if you want omething thats ok straight out the box

chrome was too basic for me, but its what some people want

i vote firefox because some of the addons make interneting so much easier
reccomended addons,
-a favourite theme
-image uploader
-IE tab
-spell checker
-flash video downloader

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:54 13 May 2009

My vote, as always!, is for Opera.

Fast and, unlike Firefox, complete, so not in need of myriad addons. Opera have also done a good job of implementing tabbed browsing, an area where Microsoft have failed dismally since they first introduced tabs with IE7.

  Kemistri 19:59 13 May 2009

I spend my day working with IE6/7/8, Safari 4, Chrome, Firefox 3.0 & 3.5 beta, as well as Opera 9.6, and Firefox 3 beats them all for all-round ease of use, flexibility and features. Safari and Opera are good in parts but have some annoying quirks.

The about:config interface, excellent cookie management and range of add-ons (including some that are invaluable for my work) make it really easy to tune. It's the most usable browser over all, so it's my default choice.

However, if I'm testing Javascript, Chrome gets fired up first because it's by some way the fastest browser available. It's a very quick and light browser.

  laurie53 19:59 13 May 2009

Chrome for me, since Day 1.

  Border View 20:11 13 May 2009

Opera for me. Although the lates IE8 comes a close second.

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