Identify this float valve, please?

  Graham. 10:19 23 Aug 2010

The plumber has thrown away the installation and maintenance instructions which I will need in years to come click here

Any help will be appreciated.

  onthelimit 10:28 23 Aug 2010

Looks like a standard toilet inlet float valve. Plastic, maintenance free. Will work 'till it's end of life. Don't think you need any instructions (they don't come with many anyway). Only adjustment is with the screw to raise or lower the water level.

  961 11:15 23 Aug 2010

Yes it's fairly standard and there is basically nothing to do to it except replace it if it breaks

Usually works with a button on top of cylinder rather than a float these days

Like everything else I believe it's a Euro design to save the planet

click here

  spuds 12:49 23 Aug 2010

I wouldn't worry about it, for £5/£6 at most diy outlets you would get a complete replacement. If you have to change the washer, then for about a £1.00 for a packet of 5/6 should see you right.

  birdface 13:01 23 Aug 2010

All I know if you have to increase the flush you have to turn the grey screw one way or the other.
I did it this morning with mine.
Different fitting but would assume it does the same.
No instructions left with mine either.
Just common logic and fingers crossed that I don't flood the bathroom.

  Graham. 14:09 23 Aug 2010

That's put my mind at rest. I can just replace the whole thing, doesn't have to be the same model.

Memo to myself - tell tradesmen not to throw the instructions away.

  Forum Editor 00:12 24 Aug 2010

No, as long as you make sure you're buying the appropriate water inlet type for your cistern - Torbeck valves are made in both side and bottom entry models.

  birdface 08:09 24 Aug 2010

The old ones were easy enough to fix and I used to do it myself.
Now the new ones look a bit complicated as with the toilet system so not at all sure if I could repair it myself now.
Next time I will have a more thorough look and see if I can work it out.

  birdface 10:45 24 Aug 2010

I take it you have the bathroom fully renovated now and everything is fine.
It makes a big hole in the pocket mind you.
probably a lot more than you expected.
I will need to look up that old thread of yours to see how you got on.

  woodchip 14:59 24 Aug 2010

button type can be a headache. Just replaced my fill ball valve side and modify the cistern that button works as this was sticking down and continuing to flush

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