Ideas for best 'stand alone' broadband for me ?

  Dragon_Heart 20:24 07 Jul 2008

I am currently use Tesco unlimited broadband ( powered by Virgin Media ) @ 0.5 Mbps. I am actually getting half that speed at best. BT say my phone line can support up to 5 Mbps plus I live in a Virgin Media cable area.

I like the idea of a 'free' laptop from AOL or Talk Talk ........

My problem is I am currently quite happy with my phone provider with free calls up to 70 minuets long 24/7 but what about a stand alone broadband package ?

I tried, in the days of NTL, to get a cable connection but they kept failing to turn up.

Any ideas ?

  birdface 20:35 07 Jul 2008
  Dragon_Heart 20:57 07 Jul 2008

... you did not read the small print !

"When you take a Virgin Phone service for £11 a month"

So your £16 / month service for 10 mbps becomes £27 / month.

  GaT7 21:15 07 Jul 2008

O2 click here if you can get it. click here to check availibility in your area.

£25 cashback through Quidco click here (I received my cashback last month).

I'm with O2 (PAYG mobile as well) & find them excellent for £7.50 a month.

Related forum discussions click here, click here & click here.

Virgin Media could be more suitable though if you need greater than 4-5Mb download speed. G

  GaT7 21:21 07 Jul 2008

You can get VM broadband as a standalone product click here - click on the 'Size' links in the left column to see the other speeds they do. There seems to be a connection charge of £30 though.

O2 have NO connection charges, free wireless box, free 24/7 telephone support & a 50-day money-back guarantee for all their speed packages click here. G

  Dragon_Heart 21:51 07 Jul 2008

Yes Crossbow7 you CAN get the 'L' package for £16 / month without the phone package but it goes up to £24 after 12 months.

The O2 package looks good( 'only' £12.50 for me ) .... what's their customer service and downtime like ?

  GaT7 22:12 07 Jul 2008

"...but it goes up to £24 after 12 months." - That what they say. I was with their 2Mb £10/month package for ~3 years. It was supposed to increase to £17.99 after the 1st year, but when I called to cancel they said I could continue at the same rate for another 6 months if I stayed (...& on it went until I got a better deal with O2 a few months ago).
I've read about numerous similar stories about others on the other forums I frequent.

I've found the O2 customer service excellent the couple of times I've had to use them. There was one big breakdown soon after I joined, but apparently it was BT's fault. No problems since. G

  GaT7 22:14 07 Jul 2008

If you do take up the O2 offer don't forget to go through Quidco - that'll make it ~£10.50 a month. G

  Esc4p3 09:43 08 Jul 2008

I have been an o2 customer since April 08 (as shown in the links provided by Crossbow7) and am still very happy. Several months on I still get 7-7.5mb of my 8mb connection and it is a rock solid connection so far. For me personally with an o2 payg phone, £7.50 was the best deal I could get as I am lucky enough to live in an o2 enabled area.

  Dragon_Heart 18:04 08 Jul 2008

Forgot to ask about those. The book club I WAS a member of and '3' ( who despite buying a new and expensive phone lasted only 6 weeks ) use foreign call centres or foreign staff.

I have plenty of foreign friends and even some of them cant understand the staff at these call centres because their accents are so strong.

When will these company accountants get it into their thick heads we don't want them ?

Are / were O2 a part of BT ?

  Esc4p3 20:32 08 Jul 2008

o2 did spawn itself out of BT, but they are a wholly different company. Their customers services is a free number to call and i think the technical number is 24/7 - the sales people and one technical person I spoke to were all Scottish, so I assume that is where the call centre is.

Most operators that offer broadband or telephone deals use the BT network to deliver their service. Excluding cable, there is only one phone line that comes into your house. So they either piggy back the whole system but charge you direct, or in o2's case they install their own equipment in BT's telephone exchanges to deliver their service - that is why you need to check they are in your exchange because they have not covered the whole country yet.

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