ideas on anti virus software for a novice.

  bluebird 10:21 01 Mar 2004

Im waiting with eager anticipation for my mesh matrix computer to arrive. Being a complete computer novice, "I just know the basics", i was wondering if anyone could recomend good, all in antivirus is no problem when purchasing and i need something that is easy to use "And i mean easy". Ive been recommended F-secure and Panda products, any ideas would be gratefully received, cheers.

  colberly 11:33 01 Mar 2004

This is as good as any and is free. It can be downloaded from
click here
Many from these froums use it and recommend the programme. There are very regular updates, in fact at the moment almost daily. Whichever AV you do decide on do please remember to regularly update.

  colberly 11:35 01 Mar 2004

Forgot to say, scroll down the (L) hand side of the home page the free version is near the bottom.

  bluebird 11:36 01 Mar 2004

thanks very much 4 the reply one further question do i need further firewall protection as il have it with my broadband

  Al94 11:49 01 Mar 2004

If it's a home setup, you should be fine with the firewall you have. I agree that AVG free edition is excellent, just get into the habit of checking for updates daily, it can be set to automatically check at a set time if you are online every day.

  boybrown 12:56 01 Mar 2004

I would strongly recommend NOD32 anti-virus software if you are wanting to pay for an anti-virus. Runs continuously in the background. Uses little resources, automatically configures itself and runs updates evry hour! Scanning speeds are incredibly quick (3.5 mins for an 80 gb h/drive). It continues to win anti-virus awards and catches virus's before other programmes have even released definitions due to the way it reads files. The yearly subscription isn't too bad but absolutely worth it. You won't know it's there!

By the way I don't work for them, I just have found this programme one of the few that does exactly what it claims to and is well worth the money. You can download from click here

Firewall wise Zonealarm does a free version and by all accounts you really don't need the PRO version as the free is more than adequate. I am continually reading recommendations for this product, and for free...winner! YOu can download this from Zonelabs website.

Hope this may help

  Belatucadrus 13:44 01 Mar 2004
  expertec 15:49 01 Mar 2004

I've been using Norton Antivirus for several years, various version on various versions of windows and never had a problem.

I use Sygate Personal Firewall, in the past I have used Black Ice (useless) and ZoneAlarm (always caused problems for me) I am well happy with Sygate and it's free

  Gaz 25 19:21 01 Mar 2004

Have you tried panda antivirus: click here - it has 115 virus signitures added today, with daily updates, yesterday there was 23 and 2 + another 1. They have been even more than daily.

Its is excellent.

Detects over 70,000 viruses.

  [email protected] 10:09 02 Mar 2004

I use AVG Free anti-virus and ZoneAlarm Free edition for firewall. Have had no problems with either over last 2 years. Both free. Bit like DVDShrink - often the best things in life are free! :D

  Wuggy 21:41 10 Mar 2004

Whatever you do don't use Mcafee Personal Firewall. Even if you configure it NOT to update automatically it persists in doing so and every 5 minutes, causing a system freeze while it does so. Uninstalled it and installed Zone Alarm - no more problems and all for free!!

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