IBM Thinkpad T20 motherboard required....

  Taran 23:41 19 Aug 2004

IBM Thinkpad T20 laptop.

P3 700, 12GB hard drive, plenty of memory (upgraded at point of purchase).

Currently the system is almost four years old.

The motherboard died last year and it has been bagged up in a store cupboard ever since.

A friend's daughter is starting university soon and they don't have a lot of money. I have this vain idea of sourcing a replacement mainboard, rebuilding the machine and handing it to them as a surprise.

Price of mainboard from IBM UK = £523.17 plus £150 labour to fit it plus £50 to check the system out to begin with, all subject to VAT.

Now, common sense says that a repair at this price is unrealistic: a brand new system can be bought for less these days.

I have never looked into sourcing obsolete notebook components but I know that there are a lot of enterprising individuals in the PC Advisor forums.

Any thoughts anyone ?

I don't mind spending to get the thing up and running for her, but I draw the line at more than the cost to buy a reasonable notebook new. If it can't be fixed the it goes back to the great notebook graveyard that is my store cupboard and my good deed for the month goes out the window.

I'll be asking a couple of friends in the know next week about this and I'll be offline until Tuesday now, but any ideas gratefully accepted.

I can post the part number if required.

Best regards all.


  Taran 23:45 23 Aug 2004

Possibly I should have tried the Helproom.

I'll tick as resolved, just to keep things tidy.

  gobi 11:01 24 Aug 2004

Taran, try this link. They do sells parts and bit of laptop, though am not sure whether they keep T20 mobo or not.
click here


click here

And if you thinks the part cost is uneconomic, maybe you can try to find second hand laptop here

click here

Good luck

  Taran 12:55 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for your input.

Your first link is one I had not tried (just emailed them) so fingers crossed.

I had already tried your second link but they do not have the part available.

IBM UK want £523 plus VAT for a replacement motherboard (plus £50 to examine the machine and £150 fitting, both subject to VAT) which is obviously not an economical repair on a machine approaching four years old.

I'd like to get it running for my friends daughter but if not I'll just put it back in my 'bits bin'.

Many thanks.


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