IBM Lotus Symphony

  steve63 14:33 20 Sep 2007

Anyone had a chance yet to sample this Open Office Beta from IBM, which is also embedded into Lotus Notes 8.0

Downloaded it yesterday and had a little play with it. IBM requirements say XP & Vista, but have installed and is working fine on a Win2k SP4 machine. (there is also a Linux option to download).

As office applications go this isn't bad at all. Don't think it will surpass M$ Office in its current state, as it is currently lacking certain functionality, ie only has WP, spreadsheet and presentation facilities.

On opening the application, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is very friendly and easy to navigate, toolbars and menus are very self explanatory. When you open the application a useful task pane also opens on the right hand side, this pane provides the facility to change text properties.

One thing that really impresses me ,is the tab facility (just like Firefox & IE7), not found in M$ Office. This facility allows you to skip between WP, spreadsheet and presentation documents without having to switch between windows and having numerous applications sitting on the taskbar.

This suite would be ideal for the user who occasionally types the odd letter or balances their bank account and is currently available free!

Thoughts please.

  Forum Editor 15:20 20 Sep 2007

of a link?

  steve63 15:25 20 Sep 2007
  Forum Editor 16:57 20 Sep 2007

I'm downloading now, and will give it a test.

  bjh 11:28 21 Sep 2007

Your heading brought back fond memories of the original Lotus Symphony, which was effectively the first "Integrated Office Suite" - except that it didn't exactly integrate well. I used it for a number of years at University, starting off being the envy of my colleagues, but rapidly becoming more the butt of jokes as Microsoft Windows and Word/Wordperfect stormed ahead.

The best thing was the box that all the Symphony paper manuals and (5.25") floppy disks came in: I store CDs and all my computer bits in it to this day!

I still use Lotus Smartsuite (which hasn't been updated for a couple of years, and probably never will be), and that is a fine program on the whole.

I'm downloading their latest offering and will give it a go.

Thanks for the link!!!

any feedback on this software please?

  I am Spartacus 11:49 30 Sep 2007

Maybe it's my system, maybe because it's beta but it's very, very slow.

  DieSse 15:24 30 Sep 2007

This is the IBM version of Open Office.

Whilst it may have some advantages in a corporate environment, it does less well in opening some of my more complex Word documents than Open Office or Star Office (also now free via Google.)

  interzone55 20:04 30 Sep 2007

I tried it for a couple of days then promptly un-installed it.

It was terrifically slow on my dual core machine with 2gb RAM, and it seems to lack some of the features to be found in open-office.

Will need a great deal of persuasion to use this rather than Open Office

cheers, will stick with open office.

  steve63 09:37 01 Oct 2007

Thanks for all your comments.

This is still in Beta at the moment so there are bound to be some problems.

Personally I have'nt found it to be particularly slow, I have been running it on a 2.6ghz Celeron with 512mb RAM on Win2k. Also have it on my laptop, 1.4Ghz Pentium M, 512mb, Win Xp, no slower than OO.Org.

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