i5 with 3GB ram vs i3 with 6gb ram

  Mort105 23:30 23 Sep 2011


My sister has asked my to look for a laptop for my nephew for christmas. It's likely he'll only be using it for school work and web browsing, and the budget is approx £400.

Not too sure what to go for but these two look fairly well spec'd for the money:



Just not sure which would be best, an i3 with 6gb ram or an i5 with 3gb ram?

Any advice on the above, or any links to other laptops within budget, maybe some 13.3 screens would give more options.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  Mort105 23:39 23 Sep 2011

Just to add, the i3 has a slightly faster clock speed at 2.53 ghz over the i5 2.3 ghz....

  v1asco 10:10 24 Sep 2011

In what laptop mag they warn about the two types of i3 and i5. The latest, and I would therefore guess best, all have numbers after them of 2xxx, which would make the i5 2410 in a different league to the i3 380. Beleive the 2xxx is the Sandy Bridge.

I have i5-2410 and according to reviews it is powerful except, of course for the i7!

I am not an expert, I feel sure someone will be able to confirm/ammend my comments, or even explain better.

  Mort105 11:28 24 Sep 2011

Thanks bugle. Looking at the 2nd Gen i5 it looks like the graphics are significantly better than the 1st gen. Will be looking for an i5 2410M based system so will likely go with the one from play.com.

Would also like to see some 13.3 models with the 2410M but can't seem to find any in the price range...

  v1asco 12:12 24 Sep 2011

I know what you mean about the price. I ended up paying a grand, but i really need the portability and this is the fourth sony ultra portable I've had and they have been no hassle. You may want to have a look at John Lewis, they always give a 2 year waranty and their after sales service is good. As usual it is always a compromise between specs/service/warranty and size. I suggest you wait and see what others say, as there is a wealth of help on this site. Think also my definition of Sandy Bridge is wrong, but the processor number (2xxx) is right.

  Mort105 12:27 27 Sep 2011

I'll keep looking - there's a while to go to christmas and I really want a few good 13.3 screen models to give a little choice in size.

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