I Want My new PC With Partitioned HDD

  anniel 17:20 15 Sep 2003

These days, 120GB of HDD is quite common.

I am thinking of buying a new PC..probably Dell, Evesham or Mesh. I rang Evesham and asked if they would sell me a PC with a partitioned HDD..Oh No, they said, we don't do that.

Well, what I want to know is why the hell not???

I am not an expert techie..I do not want to have the angst of doing my own partitioning if I am paying about £1,200 or more for a PC.

Can anyone tell me why they will not partition a PC..they allow you to configure before buying, but no facility to ask for a partitioned HDD.

  fitfella29 17:42 15 Sep 2003

not sure why they wont do it but its not hard to partition a drive.

a program called "partition magic" will do it for you.

  leo49 17:53 15 Sep 2003

If you don't want the trouble and "mental torment" of carrying out a simple operation yourself, then you'll just have to expend more time and trouble to find a supplier who will.

Why should they do it? Why don't they supply a PC in a dayglo pink case? Just because you want something done it doesn't mean that someone should do it.

  anniel 17:54 15 Sep 2003

My son suggested this when i girst got my current 40GB drive.

You will understand what a dolt I am when I tell you that I crashed my PC trying to use partition magic and had to get the PC reformatted..not the most pleasnat experience.

I just think that these companies should realise that there are many PC users like me out there,who would appreiate this ervice and in fact i would be prepared to pay a litlle extra for it...I do not need a modem, so why can't they leave that out and partition the HDD for me.

I realise most of you are experts who are happy tinkering away under the bonnet, but my expertise only runs to using my CD writer and fiddling about with my photos!

  anniel 17:58 15 Sep 2003

What a sexist remark to make...I do not want a pink computer! I am a customer..they are selling a product. if their attitude is like yours, then their businesses deserve to fail.

I do not buy a washing machine or dishwasher that i have to fiddle with before I can operate it. If these companies can charge very large amounts for products, then they should be able to listen to customers needs.

Thanks for a very patronising and unhelpful reply.

  -pops- 17:59 15 Sep 2003

Better than a single 120GB drive would be to have two 60GB drives.

As the second drive is physically separate to the first it is a much more reliable and safe method of storing backups for instance.

Enquire if Evesham would do that for you.

  tenaka 18:02 15 Sep 2003

Most companies, including mine use streamline production lines to get the number of pc's out the door in order to meet targets and stay in business.

We don't sit there and partition the drive, then format it, then install windows. We buy a box of hard drives, plug them into a machine and it's all duplicated. The hard drives are then issued to each production member that requires them with whatever version of windows they require.

So what you are suggesting is that a machine is built specially for you where and engineer takes 3-4 hours installing windows and various software titles configuring and optimising to meet the production standards that are required. A lot of places wouldn't even have a place that they could plug the PC in to do this that isn't in the way of the rest of the production line staff.

Seems a small job to you doesn't it?

  anniel 18:08 15 Sep 2003

Is it possible to get 2 drives then..as previously suggested?? Buy 2 60 GB.

Tenaka, Evesham, Dell and Mesh all invite you to configure your own PC..I thought, therefore, you could make such requests.

Thanks, Pops for your suggestion..I will ring them and ask.

I can see that this forum is unused to ordinary mortals like me asking questions.....not all of us have the confidence you possess.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:24 15 Sep 2003

IMHO, these days, there is not much point partitioning unless you are a serious gamer or one of 'those' who like to run a few versions of windows. An external USB HD or at least internal, beats any partition, as far as I am concerned. If your HD goes south then no amount of partitioning will save you.

Personally I would find it extremely difficult to fill 20Gbs so I cannot see the point of 120Gb (ruthless cleansing helps). Keeping the usual home computer dross on CDRs helps a lot in keeping your drive free and running smoothly.

Evesham have made their point clearly to you and have not tried to pull the wool over your eyes. Just because you want something that they do not do does not make them a dim business. They configure computers with hardware but rarely with software and this is clear in their literature. There are companies that will do this for you but you will pay a lot more than £1200. Contrary to popular, computers are quite complicated and they need a certain level of user awareness to operate (bit like a car) and keep them running sweetly. This level is not hard to achieve but is necessary to avoid expensive and time consuming breakdowns.

  ConfusedAgain 18:55 15 Sep 2003

I used Partition Magic to do my HD - it is so easy - must be if I did it! You can also partition it for a Backup partition

  krypt1c 18:58 15 Sep 2003

Anniel - Don't get disheartened 'cos you get an occasional unhelpful respone. Most people on the forums are more than helpful. BTW I'd go with gandalf on having 2 smaller drives, rather than 1 large 1. I've 2 60gb drives and have only used about 15gb in total - mainly with lots of mp3 files [ripped from my own CDs and not using a p2p]

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