I want to buy an MP3 player. Budget £30-ish

  Armchair 17:00 18 Jan 2011

Been reading some reviews of likely ones, but haven't reachad a decision yet. 2GB would do (about 500 tracks, isn't it?), and I don't need vdeo capability, just music.

I'm tempted to just go for an iPod Shuffle, because the reviews appear to be more consistently positive for it than for other 'cheapo' MP3 players. Some of the other player's reviews mention poor sound quality.


1) Does the Shuffle function just like any other bog standard MP3 player? It isn't limited to stuff downloaded from iTunes or soemthing liek that, is it (that might be a daft question, but I don't know!). All I'll be doing is ripping my collection onto my hard drive, and downloading tracks from there to the MP3 player.

2) Is the Shuffle my best option, or are there other better (probably cheaper) options?

The only MP3 player I've owned is a Creative Muvo 512MB jobbie, which just stopped working, possibly because it got a bit of a hammering at the gym. I won't be going back to the gym in this lifetime, though.

Thanks in advance for any useful responses.

  ICF 19:57 18 Jan 2011

My daughter has one and she loves it

"It isn't limited to stuff downloaded from iTunes or soemthing liek that, is it"

No you can add music from your own collection no probs

  Al94 08:38 19 Jan 2011

I bought my wife a Sansa Clip which in my opinion is much better than the Shuffle. The 2gb version is in your price range but other capacities are available. Very good sound quality and battery life. click here

  Zurdo 10:33 19 Jan 2011

I go with Al94........the Sansa Clip+ is a great little player if all you need is a no-frills player only.

  beynac 10:53 19 Jan 2011

My wife has just bought a Philips GoGear RaGa 4Gb MP3 player. She is very pleased with it and the sound quality is excellent.

Amazon has them: click here

  Armchair 20:19 19 Jan 2011

and I just bought a Shuffle from Tesco on the way home tonight. Sorting it out now. Probably regret it, lol. Seems to be taking a long time to charge up. Bit of a faff using iTunes, too. It has to convert all my already stored WMA tracks to a different format before I can save them onto the iPod.

Thanks, anyway!

  Armchair 20:23 19 Jan 2011

Actually, I suspect it isn't charging at all! How do I tell whether or not my USB ports are up to the job?

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