i want to Buy a meshcomputer, are they any Good ?

  lobster_lad 16:58 24 Nov 2009

Hello guys, i want to Buy a 'meshcomputer' but want some advice please about the the desktops, are they reliable good Bad. i looked on the net for reviews but alot of them are Horror stories maybe it's just people who lie alot

i just want some advice please thank you

  Rigga 17:07 24 Nov 2009

There will be many thousands of people who buy a Mesh computer and have no problems, me included. These thousands will not say a word on the net about how satisfied they are.

There will also be hundreds of people who buy a Mesh computer who have problems, and Mesh will make mistakes. These are the people who will scream from the tallest tree about how bad Mesh are as a company.

For what it's worth I think if you buy a Mesh and have no real problems, then you will get a good machine for little money. If you have problems then their support can be a little lacking.

There are other suppliers who have better support reputations.

You pays your money and takes your choice. Sorry if that doesn't help much.


  961 17:18 24 Nov 2009

Why not say what sort of computer you want, what you are going to use it for, and wait for some suggestions

  Forum Editor 17:47 24 Nov 2009

I see that you registered with us today.

I'm not sure why you would think that people who write bad reviews "lie a lot". I'm sure that they don't, they're just relating their own bad experience.

Type the name of any large computer vendor into Google, followed by the words 'bad service', and you'll see links to dozens of complaints. Come to that, type the name of any big camera company followed by the same words, and you'll see lots of complaints. I'm sure the same thing would happen with the names of companies selling almost anything in the consumer electronics field.

The fact is, we're all more likely to complain about bad service than we are to compliment a company for its good service - if everything in the garden is lovely we just get on with life, and say nothing.

In the end you must decide who gets your money, and remember that the vast majority of computers work perfectly, right out of the box, and continue to do so for a very long time - no matter who makes or supplies them.

  chub_tor 18:34 24 Nov 2009

I'm with Rigga on this one, my one and only Mesh purchase some years ago was flawless, worked straight out of the box, excellent documentation and good support when I needed it. I used it for years and when I outgrew it I continued to use the case, power supply and some of the other constituent parts for a new build.

  bazb 18:46 24 Nov 2009

My son bought one about 3 years ago, never had a problem with it, it's still running well today.

My daughter asked me to order one for her, and we are now waiting for delivery. It's the Nero 9950 HD, much better spec than mine. I will be envious of her when it comes.

  Loopy2 10:29 25 Nov 2009

Rigga is right, mesh will have thousands of customers but it is only those who have a bad experience that will come onto forums like this and post their views. I am unfortunately one of those customers who has had a bad experience with Mesh and will not be using them again however that does not mean that you will have a similar experience.

I am not going to go into detail about my experience with them, however what i will say is that i now use a company called Cube247 whose level of customer service is excellent. I have now had a few computers from them and have had no trouble with any of them.

The best advice i can give is to do some research into various companies, if you do read partiulcary bad comments about a certain aspect then call the company and question them on it.

  BlueBell93 10:40 25 Nov 2009

I have had a Mesh pc and had endless trouble with it - the delivery date kept getting delayed, although they never rang you to tell you this, they waiting for you to phone and ask where your order was. When i did get my pc it started bluescreening after a week and there support department are impossible to get hold of.

Like Loopy2, i found Cube247 on the internet and was impressed with their systems and prices. The support team are easy to get hold of and even call you back if no one is avaliable when you call. I would recommend that you do look into Cube 247 and compare them against mesh.

  donki 11:20 25 Nov 2009

My experience of Mesh was great, I had it with its oridginal compontents for 3 years worked perfectly with absolutely no problems. I have recently upgraded the MB, CPU and RAM. Still using the ordginal case, CD/DVD drive and PSU. If I was every buying a complete new system again I would definitely go for Mesh.

  lobster_lad 14:03 25 Nov 2009

thanks for the information Guys, i'll get that to Mind

  M1kee 15:45 27 Nov 2009

Mesh use quality parts in their computers. FACT.
However in my experience their Customer Service is shocking. Buying a computer from them is no fun at all. They do not answer calls, mails, and generally act pretty badly. I for one will not buy another computer from them.

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