I sometimes dispair at PCWorld's staff

  Mike D 14:12 06 Mar 2008

Went into my local PCW this morning to compare Epson cartridge prices (eventually went to Staple where they were £4 cheaper per cartridge). I thought I would look at the software whilst I was there (my Acronis is woefully out of date) and before I could breathe I was approached by a young salesman, who wanted to help me. I asked where I might find Disk Imaging software, he led me across the store and showed me Nero. "No", says I, "I want to copy my entire Hard drive". He said that Nero could do this or even Roxio would do it at a push (there was Norton Ghost display right next to the Nero). When I asked about Norton he said it was only for repairing pc problems - he reckoned it used to be called System Works, but he coldn't figure out why they had renamed it Ghost, but in any case it would not do the job, Nero was best. I asked how it worked and he said I would be able to copy the entire contents of my HDD to DVDs, "Probably no more than 2 or 3 sir". When I pointed out that I had a 250Gb HDD he said that Nero's compression would take care of that. I thanked him for his time and said I would look on their Web site.

Ho hum!

  Devil Fish 14:42 06 Mar 2008

oh dear obviously the sales assistant needs a bit more training on the uses of the products he is selling

  Mike D 14:54 06 Mar 2008

yes, I'm really glad that I knew what I was looking for and didn't have to rely on him.

  oresome 15:03 06 Mar 2008

Mike D,

I'm not here to defend PC World, but you've already indicated that price is a key motivator in your purchasing decision.

How can a retailer provide a high quality service, employing knowledgable motivated staff and not loose custom through the higher prices needed to cover the extra costs?

What calibre of person would be required to have an in depth knowledge of several hundred product lines that constantly change?

I agree that no advise is better than duff advise and in the main, I do my own research and then buy from the cheapest supplier.

  CHarker 15:15 06 Mar 2008

PC World don't offer thousands of software products though.

I can't see why they don't have a dedicated system which they can access which will bring up all the information about each product - what it can't do, what it cannot do, current versions/patches and any conflicts with existing software.

Like the above poster, though, I tend not to buy software without researching and I make my purchases online anyway.

  lisa02 15:39 06 Mar 2008

"I can't see why they don't have a dedicated system which they can access which will bring up all the information about each product"

They don't need one. There's one everyone can access - it's called the World Wide Web.

Pay peanuts = get monkeys. I'm happy to swot up on what I need if it means cheaper prices in the shops.

  crosstrainer 15:56 06 Mar 2008

Has it in one. If you buy from PC world, and a friendly, but unknowledgeable assistant ask's if you need help...Say no.

  Stuartli 16:04 06 Mar 2008

Any organisation that sells, for example, three-way IDE cables by a particular manufacturer for £9.99 that I can buy from Scan or Dabs for a quarter of that price or less, never finds me passing through its doors.

  crosstrainer 16:09 06 Mar 2008

Exactly :)

  lisa02 16:13 06 Mar 2008

Why? everyone knows what PCW charge too much for (cables, consumables etc and recently Dell PCs) but they have lots of other bargains to be had, there and then without waiting on delivery.

  Mike D 16:20 06 Mar 2008

Price was the motivator as regards printer cartridges, but I only asked the guy where the software was, because I happened to be there, having a "mooch". I would normally buy software on line anyway. The story was posted more as a humourous tale.

oresome - I would also normally do some research beforehand, and today was part of that process (if they had have had any in store). Printer cartridges aside, I had some time on my hands, hence the look around the store.

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