i planning to live abroad do ia have to pay

  ronalddonald 18:23 03 Jul 2009

Counicil tax if no longer rent and reside in the United Kingdom.

  wiz-king 18:27 03 Jul 2009

no - unless you own property

  wiz-king 20:43 03 Jul 2009

But you will have to pay local tax wherever you move to!

  Pamy 21:21 03 Jul 2009

I thought you lived in France

  ronalddonald 07:38 04 Jul 2009

if i move to Egypt do i have to pay council tax if don't own no property in the UK

  ronalddonald 07:42 04 Jul 2009

only when I'm Chief Inspector Cluseou of the Sortie

  wiz-king 07:51 04 Jul 2009

You wont have to pay UK council tax - most other countries have there own taxes that you will have to pay.

  ronalddonald 07:58 04 Jul 2009

Thanks i can no go and live abroad which i be doing in about two to three months time

  Forum Editor 08:42 04 Jul 2009

Have you actually been there? There is a high risk of terrorism in Egypt, and the Home Office advises that there is a risk of indiscriminate attacks in places frequented by expatriates. There was a bombing incident outside a church in Cairo as recently as nine weeks ago.

For that and other reasons Egypt isn't one of the countries that normally springs to mind as a place for UK nationals to go and live.

  DieSse 16:09 04 Jul 2009

"if i move to Egypt do i have to pay council tax if don't own no property in the UK"

Of course not - I can't imagine why you would think otherwise. It's a tax on property - no property - no tax.

  tullie 16:45 04 Jul 2009

I have have had a couple of holidays over the years in Egypt.It was great touring the pyramids,valley of the kings,and queens and Nile cruise but i wouldent wish it on my worse enemy to live there.

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