I need a new Dial-Up ISP: any suggestions?

  DIYgirl 17:28 02 Aug 2007

I'm on dial-up, having twice tried and failed to get broadband connected to my very remote house.

I've had an Orange dial-up connection for a few years now and need a new account: my current email address is so spam-ridden I have trouble digging out the messages I want (mostly due to my having had to have my email address available online for a while: thankfully, no more).

Should I stay with Orange, or are there other, better/cheaper dial-up ISPs around? (I suspect there might be.) I need an anytime package, as I'm online quite a lot.

  brundle 17:49 02 Aug 2007

There are loads if you Google, but having been on BB for a while now I only ever use UK2 if I need easy dial-up access when away from home. Pay as you go, so the bills will add up if you use it a lot.
click here
or 20 hours unmetered a week for £12
click here

You could stick with Orange and use a webmail service instead of your orange email address, Googlemail springs to mind and is much less of a drag to use than Hotmail if you're on dialup; click here

  Zurdo 17:52 02 Aug 2007

Have a look at the BBC.........good o'l beeb.net see click here

  DIYgirl 18:47 02 Aug 2007

I have a googlemail account, but it takes so long to download each page that it doesn't work well for me. Using an email service that downloads onto my computer seems quicker, and allows me to flip through the inbox/outbox much more swiftly.

Pay-as-you-go, and 20 hours a week, is not enough for me either, as I do quite a lot of research online, at all times of day.

I'll have a look at the BBC service and see what it's like, but meanwhile, thank you!

  961 18:59 02 Aug 2007

try Freenetname also known as Madasafish

Regular prices but good service standards

  brundle 19:15 02 Aug 2007

You can use Googlemail via POP3 if required; click here

  caccy 20:28 02 Aug 2007

Don't use Breathe. They seem to be on a self distruct course.
I've left them after 4 years because of recent poor service, lack of information and very poor support.

  wiz-king 05:32 03 Aug 2007

I use UKonline, click here , you can use it as webmail or as POP3. The spam filter seems good, I have been a customer for about five years with no problems.

  futurist 12:12 03 Aug 2007

[url=click here[/url] at £12.49/m

No limits. Used it for years with no problems.

  futurist 12:15 03 Aug 2007

Sorry, thought you could use url descriptions like a normal forum. I was referring to Tesco.

  futurist 12:18 03 Aug 2007

Just testing

[url=click here]Tesco[/url]

to see if it was my fingerfault.

No preview or edit of posts apparently?

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