I need a Graphics card NOT for games

  Z1100 21:39 28 Nov 2006

It is for image editing.

Mainly TIFF's in the region of 250mg to 2gb so it wants to be a clever card but no gaming speciallity is required.

Which ones should I look at?

  sean-278262 23:49 28 Nov 2006

Easy peasy to advise a card but if it is for your budget I do not know. Anything in the quandro or fireGL ranges
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something like that would be a cheaper option but anything in the quandro or firegl ranges will be better than a mainstream card. You never said anything about a budget or what you plan to hook them to so I would assume you are new to this from the way you never mentioned it so lower end cards start at about £110

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It however comes down to budget and what you plan to connect to.

  Confab 12:34 29 Nov 2006

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you need to be looking at adding plenty of RAM and not worring about the graphics card


  Z1100 16:53 29 Nov 2006

To the main board? Or to the current card?

If you mean the main board then yes, that will help but the graphics card has got to take a bigger share of the CPU's load that your average GEforce or ATI games card.

As for budget, well £400-£600 notes will be used to obtain the card. With that sort of outlay I could buy a small PC, alas that is no help either.

I just need outside infuence after reading pages and pages of blah! before I buy.


  Diemmess 17:15 29 Nov 2006

I have no interest in games but do lots with graphics and photos.

RAM is paramount for multiple applications open and large picture file editing.

I use a really old GeForce4 mx440 which gives a splendid display and doesn't zap anything else to perform.
These days a similar card would be at a budget price and all you need.

  Joe R 18:06 29 Nov 2006

If it is mainly for image editing, the graphics card is not really a major issue. As Diemmess has stated, almost any graphics card will suffice, and as I can also attest to, the more ram, the quicker the editing.

If I could also say, a high class monitor ( if you don't already have one ), would, along with some more ram, be perhaps a more fitting way to use your budget.
Enjoy your new equipment, and you'll no doubt find, that you lose a lot of hours without realising it.

Regards Joe.

  Bebee 19:56 29 Nov 2006

I have recently changed an old mx440, but only because it struggled with a new monitor when turned to portrait for photo editing. The new card is 128 instead of 64Mb, has a DVI connection and manages the change in orientation better. It was only £50. You do not need to spend any more if it is not for gaming - and without that problem I would not have upgraded. More RAM does have a much greater effect.


  terryf 20:52 29 Nov 2006

Don't forget that Winxp 32 bit won't see more than 3GB of ram

  Z1100 21:01 29 Nov 2006

Are you suggesting I should climb to 2gb RAM and keep the current GEForce 6800?


  Joe R 21:46 29 Nov 2006


A 6800, has all the power you need (and more), for image editing.

  GaT7 21:57 29 Nov 2006

Z1100, you can have my Radeon 9700 & 1Gb RAM (PC3200) for the 6800.

The only trouble is (apart from you agreeing to the swap) that the RAM comes in 4x 256Mb modules : (. Does anyone do a RAM expansion board?! G

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