I need a computer - which make and where from?

  lyndy 17:48 26 Jan 2008

I am nowhere near expert on this. I need a computer - base unit only . I have almost new keyboard, speakers and monitor which I am told were a high spec.

I want something like that I had ( or better) until it died at only a year old ( forgive me if the following isnt written correctly). I want something reliable.

Duel core 4500 processor.
2GB ram DDR2 667 mgh
256 graphics.
Multi player RW=/- and would play any region DVD re writer and player ( mine was a sony as I recall)
5.1 sound
6 USB ports
multi format memory card.

I also had a PC that played TV - but I will forgo that if necessary.

So what make is good? How much can I expect to pay? Where should I go ( online) to get one?
Who is reliable?

Please do not say Cube. Thats what I had. I am not impressed. It died - total write off one day out of its warrenty - one year and one day old!
I have already spent out £700 on that computer, another £120 being told it was not worth repairing and now I need to get a new one.

Any advice?

  MAT ALAN 17:57 26 Jan 2008

click here

good place to start looking...

  Marko797 19:50 26 Jan 2008

they've had some great reviews on here if you do a search: click here

Their web site: click here

  lyndy 21:37 26 Jan 2008

Thank you.

I have been looking at the Cougar site.

A couple of daft questions probably. Does the standard case have usb ports? I cant see it written anywhere ( but I cant see it written on any of them.

Also, would I be better off getting Vista or installing my own XP from my previous computer?

I am looking at the media centre base unit which will come to around £400 with a modem to meet my dial up needs ( there is not broadband where I live).

I did look at the home PC but the spec I ordered seemed to be more expensive than ordering the media centre.

Sorry if they are daft questions. I am used to buying my computers off the shelf not changing them to suit me.

  lisa02 21:57 26 Jan 2008

Dell has some good deals. Free upgrades and £80 off.

And if your order comes to £499 you qualify for another 10% off. click here for voucher codes.

  shellship 21:59 26 Jan 2008

I have a Cougar. With regard to extra USB ports all you need to do is to speak to them and say how many you want and, for that matter, anything else you want.
But do decide exactly what you want 'cos changing after the order might be difficult.

  smudje 22:59 26 Jan 2008

I would agree and go with cougar, With great after sales service

  Marko797 08:40 27 Jan 2008

I think the usb ports wud be standard these days, but shellship has already responded on this.

On whether u shud go with vista or xp, that's a personal choice thing. Bear in mind however, that some of your other items (scanner/printer etc) might not work with vista as there may not be vista drivers for it. Depends on how old your other items might be. Might be worth checking on the respective eqpts web site.

For example, I'm on xp and if I went to vista I wud not be able to use my scanner as there are no drivers available.

As for vista (home premium), my wife has it on her laptop (which I use occasionally), and I quite like it. Seems quite a few of the early 'bugs' have been dealt with and it runs nicely.

However, if cost is an issue and you still have your xp disk, then it might be worth getting new pc without OS, and installing xp yourself. Depends on whether your comfortable doing this though.

Hope this helps.

  lofty29 09:29 27 Jan 2008

You say you want multi region on your dvdwr, dont forget that in most of these you can only change the region a limited number of times

  lofty29 09:31 27 Jan 2008

Also if your XP is an OEM copy you would have problems installing it on a different machine

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:36 27 Jan 2008

The computer from Cougar, that I recently bought, came with 10, IIRC, USB ports but speak to John at Cougar and he will tell you.


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