I need advice please.

  Eckox 21:56 24 Apr 2008

Hello guys, last year around June I purchased a PC from PC option, Due to the time taking for the PC to be complete I got an offer for a Geforce 8800 for £30 from PC Option due to the trouble, so a week later I got my PC and it was everything I wanted it to be, 2 months later the PC broke due to faulty ram and a faulty graphics card, I spoke to Tom on the phone and we arranged when to have the PC picked up, he told me how to pack it so it don't brake, I packed up the PC and it got picked up the next day, a week later tom gets back in touch and says they have received the pc but due to the packing the case has smashed due to my error, so i had to pay £50 for a new case, when they found out the problems they sent the PC back and it was fine untill the new year, games are going slow, pc takes 6 times to load up due to blue screens, I ran a memory test and yet again the ram seems to be faulty, its not been a year yet and the PC has broken twice on me, what i'm worried about now is, when i send it back to get repaired if it brakes again after 2-3 months i will not have any warranty left, all i want is for the PC to work like it should and to not to brake every 3 months, if anyone can give me any advice to what i should do i will be very grateful.

thank you.

  Totally-braindead 22:33 24 Apr 2008

There might be nothing physically wrong with your PC.
It could be software related.

What anti virus and antispyware do you use? Are they up to date? Have you run them recently?
Have you defragged recently?
How full is your hard drive?
Have you checked to see what programs are running in the background?
Do you do anything in the way of housekeeping on your PC?
Do the blue screens tell you anything as the codes they give can quite often give you an idea of whats wrong.
Have you tried repairing windows?

  Eckox 22:57 24 Apr 2008

I use AVG 8, i formatted once when the problems first started, nothing changed after format, all drivers are up to date, i have no virus's or spy ware.

  Eckox 22:58 24 Apr 2008

sorry about double post, the pc resets so i only see half a second of the blue screen

  pc613 08:46 25 Apr 2008

You should have three years warranty with their pcs
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  jakimo 17:02 25 Apr 2008

You say you have no anti-virus or anti-spyware software installed,without these you can`t scan your system for uninvited bugs that may be the cause of the problems.

  Eckox 17:45 25 Apr 2008

I've all ready said I've got Anti-Virus-Spyware program installed, AVG 8, I've scanned the system and theres not virus's and to double make sure I formatted the system but I'm still have the same problems.

  josie mayhem 09:42 26 Apr 2008

I can't give any idea to what is wrong with your computer... But if you end up having to send it back, then get Tom to e-mail you the instructions to correctly package the computer, then when you are repackaging the computer at each stage take a photo...

You then have the evidence if a damaged occurs, to put the ball in to the court of either the shop or the courrier that you used... So in theory you should hae to foot the bill for repair...

  Eckox 10:03 26 Apr 2008

thanks for the tips every one, Tom has emailed me and we're trying to sort the problem out :)

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