I need to admit to you all what i have done!

  The Brigadier 11:49 22 Dec 2006

I've finished a long term relationship by just dumping her.........throwing her out on the road........yes it's harsh...but i had to do it........no more lies..no more crashing..no more BSOD.......Yes i've chucked Microsoft out of my life!!

I'm now with a tall, sleek, pretty little number in Linux....at last i'm free & so is the operating system i use..no more crashing.

I'm not a microsoft number i'm a free man........

  SB23 12:00 22 Dec 2006

Good for you !

I've been thinking along the same lines, gathering as much info as possible etc, and I'm very tempted. Have to wait and see.

  dth 12:50 22 Dec 2006

well done - it might seem a bit strange at first but as time goes on you'll be thinking why didn't you do it ages ago

  Pamy 14:28 22 Dec 2006

Now you are going to set us all off along those lines. What version are you using and why?

  The Brigadier 16:28 22 Dec 2006

Ubuntu.....Free Download...Free to use..
Vista did it for me, it's simple why keep paying for an O/S when i can use a system more stable, less bugs, less viruses and above all meet a group of poeople on the www community who have the same idea.

I'm not knocking MS after all i have used their products for 10 years, it's just time to move on, i may leave one pc with windows on?

  Pamy 16:52 22 Dec 2006

Have you found it dificult to use and run programs that you already have or have you had to move to other similar programs?

  SB23 16:58 22 Dec 2006

Pamy, you beat me to it, that was my next question.

  Pamy 17:05 22 Dec 2006

I am thinking of buying yet another HDD and trying Linux out in the New Year, that is why I am so interested in peoples experience with it

  season8 17:53 22 Dec 2006

Problems..Yes..but have found the Linux community to be so helpful.

  Forum Editor 18:11 22 Dec 2006

Well fair enough, it's your choice, and I hope it works out.

I wouldn't dream of doing the same thing, because I need my machines to run anything I want to install - both hardware and software - and I can't do that in Linux.

I don't want to be bothered with having to ask the Linux community for help every time there's a glitch, I just want to turn the computers on and work with anything and anyone - which I can do in WinXP and Vista. All my clients use Windows machines across their networks, and so do most other corporate networks. Some statistics might help to explain why I would migrate to Linux on my desktops:-

Taken from W3Counter Global Web Stats as at December 17, 2006. based on an analysis of 6,974,802 distinct visits across 4,018 websites.

85% of machines were using Windows XP

5% were using Windows 2000

3% were using MacOs X

2% were using Windows 98

2% were using Linux

On the browser front it's a broadly similar story:-

59% Internet explorer 6.0

25% Firefox (various versions)

6% Internet explorer 7.0

The rest made up of very small percentages of Opera Safari, and AOL.

  Z1100 18:22 22 Dec 2006

It just does not, it's XP Pro and it seriously behaves. I use one box for work and games. I am fussy what I put on it and really fussy about active content, Flash apps and the like and more so about my surfing habits.

Guess I am lucky or just more carefull. I just don't get it when people fuss about MS Software. It does the job and I think it's the old 'tools and user' story again in most cases.

XP for me...

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