I have just bought a Canon IP4600

  Chas49 18:08 20 Feb 2009

printer. Last week this printer was £88 - on Monday a general rise was put on Canon products (or so I'm told) and the price rose to £107 - a 21% rise! Fortunately, I found a place on the net where it was still at the lower price. Viva the 'net!

Now, does anyone know if it's possible to get this printer to work wirelessly? Just curious and if not possible then, having no space by the computer for a permanent fixture then temporary location will have to suffice - but, hopefully, someone will know a way 8-))

  Chas49 23:41 20 Feb 2009

Apparently not.

  Kemistri 01:25 21 Feb 2009

I thought the answer was so obvious that I'm amazed to see this unanswered after this long. Everyone must be out. You may not like the answer, though, as it involves extra expense and possibly some networking-induced headaches. Buy a USB-compatible wireless print server, plug into the USB port of the printer, and then attempt to get it to talk with your network.

  Chas49 14:06 21 Feb 2009


I had seen the adverts for 'print servers', thought that these must connect any printer with a USB connection and so enable you to print wirelessly - at the same time a doubt crept in regarding the ease. Your last words perhaps suggest that it may not be.

Thanks for your reply - I may give it a go.

Surfin' the net I find that many dealers haven't been so quick in 'upping' the price - Curry's were, however, very quick indeed.

  kindly 14:15 21 Feb 2009

Its a good printer and does a good job doing photos aswell. Unfortunatly its like Kemistri says. The good thing is that you can a get a continuos ink feeding sytem for it. So you can reduce runing costs over a matter of time. If you do a google for "CIS for IP4600" you will get a good return.

  Chas49 20:09 21 Feb 2009


Thanks for that Kindly. I tried googling for a CISS for the IP4600 - no trace I'm afraid - there is one for the IP4500 but that uses different inks and, presumably, different cartridges. I emailed Continuous Ink Systems to inquire about the IP4600 and the reply came, almost immediately, that it may be a few months before a system appears for it.

I'm still a little peeved with Curry's and the like who put the prices up on what must have been their remaining stock - but, I suppose this is a get what you can world - when you can. To the other retailers who have not followed suit I tip my hat.

  kindly 21:08 21 Feb 2009

Chas its CIS not ciss. there is plenty there. LOL

  kindly 21:09 21 Feb 2009

Just type in the search box CIS for IP4600

  Kemistri 22:14 21 Feb 2009

I thought it was two "S"s as well: Continuous Ink Supply System.

  Joe R 23:55 21 Feb 2009
  Chas49 13:35 22 Feb 2009

Thank you kindly Kindly 8-)) You were correct snd Joe R pointed me to one - thank you Joe. There are two 'S's but as Kindly says clearly, at least for him (I'm about to try that again)it works with just one 'S'. Search engines often correct you - like - 'Do you mean etc etc'.

Anyway, many thanks to all for the help, much appreciated.

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