I found apparently the cheapest 8800 GTX

  Shadowcra 17:45 17 Nov 2006

Hey guys,

Few days ago I bought the amazing 8800 GTX, and I LOVE IT!! :D
The cheapest I found is click here".
I bought it and it arrived super quick, it's a MUST HAVE graphic card! :D

Hope this helps guys!

By the way, if you're upgrading, upgrade all the way to the GTX..! Worths every penny!

  gudgulf 17:58 17 Nov 2006

Looks a good price for one of those..............wonder if they'll do an AGP version so I can fit one in my pc,lol.

  Shadowcra 18:19 17 Nov 2006

Nah, the world is continuing to the PCI-Express, worth a new motherboard for this monster :)

  citadel 19:09 17 Nov 2006

there are more cards coming in feburary so the price will drop. there will probably be no dx10 agp cards as agp is too slow.

  gudgulf 22:04 17 Nov 2006

Errrrrr.....I WAS joking.

My AGP Gainward 7800GS+ (really a full on 7900GT) will do me for now.

The masterplan is to use an ASROCK dual AGP/PCI-e cheapo mobo with a Core2 Duo and transfer my AGP card to that.

Then add a DirectX 10 super-card separately...then a better mobo/new case etc to move fully over to the new technology (and allow for a quad core cpu upgrade)

THAT way it gets past my wifes budget constraints in that I don't need to build a complete new pc in one expensive go (as much as I'd like to!).

  Shadowcra 22:55 17 Nov 2006

That's what I did, every time I had some money, and I could afford a part, I would have bought a new part..

  tammer 23:07 17 Nov 2006

Yes, that's a bargain for sure (ahem).

  alan2273 23:16 17 Nov 2006

Why pay over £400 for a card that will only use about 30% of its capabilities ?.

  De Marcus™ 23:24 17 Nov 2006

Strange, am I the only one to think this thread spam? Especially as the exact same message is posted to more than thread...

  De Marcus™ 23:24 17 Nov 2006

more than >ONE< thread

  gudgulf 23:40 17 Nov 2006

"Why pay over £400 for a card that will only use about 30% of its capabilities ?"

Please explain yourself.....reviews on this card show that there are a number of games out there now where 100% of this cards awesome capabilities are still not enough.

And we haven't even got to DirectX10 games!

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